Gentrification on Crenshaw and Slauson. Activists fight to Save the AFIBA community center Part 2

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AFIBA Center, a Los Angeles-based community center, filed a lawsuit to remain in a building in which they have served the community for two decades.

In 2019, the AFIBA Center was served an eviction notice after a year of questioning 8th District’s Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson’s plan to use the AFIBA center’s parking lot to construct a pocket park and build a 120-foot towering sign as a landmark to the “Crenshaw” area.

Then in 2020, Harris-Dawson ordered city workers to lock out the AFIBA Center from the property in spite of a judge’s ruling for the City to not take that type of action.

Jabari Jumaane, founder of the AFIBA center and others in the community took the position that Destination Crenshaw has been operating more as a Trojan horse that is rapidly ushering in gentrification.

In the second part of our talk with Inspector Jumaane, a veteran LA City fire fighter, and Mr. Lynn Moses, an activist who has been monitoring the activities of local official, we talk about the dirt in the details of money, misinformation and remaining resilient.

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