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Capture his heart with 12 thoughtful dates, and not just through his stomach . . . but that too

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Seeking distraction has become an instant escape of underlying issues in romantic relationships throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Your best bet in keeping the spark alive with your bae—go outside.  

Career driven people were not the only ones forced to pivot during this global health crisis. Married couples have also learned to adjust to the new norms. Much of it being attributed to spending more time with their significant other. 

While this change caused divorce rates to skyrocket, those who opted to stick it out have found themselves coping by means of escapism—which can be a good coping mechanism if used in a positive manner. Often, professings include, ‘I’ve been turning to [the] media to take my mind off things,’ or ‘I’ve used [the] media to think about the situation less.’ Undoubtedly, many have turned to social networking sites and video games to endure the strain of this public health crisis.

To that end, South African producer and content creator Phaṱhu Makwarela tweeted, “[Social media is] an alternative reality – an escape from our mundane lives. Please allow us to find some happiness even if it’s via a different lifestyle that we desire and don’t turn our escapism into a cringe fest.”

All of that said, racking your brain to come up with alternative ways to keep your man present mentally and emotionally, is easier said than done. But Ark Republic has got you covered, sis. Here are 12 dates that will reignite that spark in with your beau.

A proper slow grind while looking cute is a great way to get the heat cooking on your date. Photo credit: Lance Matthew Pahang

See a show at a comedy club 

Men can appreciate the stimulation of senses other than taste. Laughter is a bonding force and a great ice breaker – take your date to see his favorite comedian, or go to an open mic night. It is also a great way to learn about his sense of humor. Has he ever heard the one about women shopping?

Sing karaoke 

What is your guy’s song? Head to the karaoke club and belt out your favorite ballads or bars. You may need a glass of liquid courage for this one but no special singing ability is required. Plus, there is no harm in showing your partner a few dance moves while singing. 

Hit the amusement park 

Want to get the heart palpitating in different ways? Hitch a ride to the magical kingdom at Disneyland or on a roller coaster at Six Flags to get the adrenaline pumping. If fast rides are really not your speed, you can literally slow things down by taking a romantic ride on a ferris wheel while munching on some cotton candy. 

Get tickets to the game 

Sports—enough said. Now that baseball and football fields have opened to the public it’s a great time to get some fresh air and take your man to the game. If you two are home bodies you could throw an exclusive Super Bowl party just the two of you. Either way, throw some food into the mix and it makes for a fun date. Cheering your man’s favorite team on makes for one memorable experience.

Look, sometimes you must get creative with the horseback riding. But the gesture gives you a thumbs up in your darling’s eyes. Photo credit: Enrus on Unsplash

Go star gazing

When it comes to a grown and sexy night, stars are some of the most beautiful archetypal backdrops. Search online for the clearest evening and drive to a rural area away from the light pollution of the city. Bring a couple of blankets and cuddle underneath the constellations. Plus, no one can see you make out.

Head to the zoo 

A trip to the zoo can be a great way to switch things up in your relationship. You two can spend quality time with each other while visiting animals. Grab some ice cream, wander around and do not forget to find out what your man’s favorite animal is!

Try horseback riding and then to a gun range

Like a scene out of a Spaghetti western, take a few horseback riding lessons together. Afterwards you can take your man to a gun range and take some shots by firing some romantic bullets. It will satisfy his need to be adventurous while creating a great bonding experience.

Do a dinner date

An oldy but goody and likely the most common date idea, but you cannot argue against what works. While a dinner date takes up more time than having a coffee, the one-two punch of good food and wine in an ambient location sets the tone for nostalgia and good conversation. Remember, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

A day date gives you all the time for an evening love lock down. Start early, finish late and enjoy. Photo credit: Tai S. Captures of Unsplash

Have a lunch hour date

No time at night? There is nothing like a midday lunch date. If you two have busy schedules, you will not have to commit a large chunk of your evening. Get to know your date while keeping it short and sweet, and maybe even fit in an adult beverage before rushing back to the office.

Take a cooking class 

If you are concerned about the pressure of not having enough to talk about over a meal, meeting for a cooking class is a good way to get the conversation started, while removing the pressure of having to maintain eye contact at all times. You also get to chat away and have fun while trying new recipes or something new in general. Men enjoy cooking, even more so if it’s with their significant other.

Go on a picnic 

Cannot cook or pinching pennies? We all are during this pandemic. A picnic is both romantic and inexpensive. Pack some delicious food, find a pretty park, spread out on a blanket, and enjoy! You two can have fun playing card games while taking in the beautiful scenery. 

Wine tasting

Thirsty after all that food? Libations are perfect for small talk. Hence, tasting aged grapes gives you built in talking points and a dose of liquid courage. All you need to do is opt for a solo tour over a large group to ensure that there will be enough space and quiet to get to know your date. A bottle of champagne can also go a long way in making your man happy. 

After all, who does not like a nightcap? 

. . . .

Although dating is an essential part of any relationship, escapism can transform it into detachment overtime. Further, it can have adverse effects if used to ignore reality entirely, whether men are using video games or social media like TikTok is according to New Zealand Member of Parliament Chlöe Swarbrick to get through. 

In that case, it is best to “Invest and test…Give a little then see if they move a little to meet you where you are,” according to Relationship Expert Matthew Hussey.

Either way, a walk off the beaten path is an exciting way to change the norms in the dating department while potentially strengthening the bond between you and your Mr. Jones.

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