Even the most seasoned couples will tell you that you must continue to court your better half. Get very interesting in this post-pandemic world, because many didn't make it. But, many did, like you. Now immerse in the love. Photo credit: Karsten Winegeart

Outdoors and chill. 12 outdoor dates every woman adores

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We all have suffered a little cabin fever from sheltering in place. But like winter, cuffing season is coming. Now, we can finally get back into the dating game. 

Couples have been put to the test throughout the entirety of this pandemic. Thirty-four percent of couples reported some degree of conflict with their romantic partners due to the spread of the virus and its related restrictions, according to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy

Even more, divorce rates have skyrocketed worldwide. The BBC reports that the leading British law firm Stewarts logged a 122 percent surge in divorce inquiries in the United Kingdom. The United States and China have also seen an uptick in divorces

“I don’t think that the reasons that people are divorcing have necessarily changed. You’ve always had the underlying current of ‘I’m unhappy with this or that at home.’ But I think it has just brought the focus on domestic arrangements really into much more sharp focus than they would ordinarily be,” said law firm Stewarts partner, Carly Kinch.

In either event, if the pandemic has put a strain on your relationship or marriage, here are 12 creative outdoor dates that can rekindle the flame.

Beach love vibes score a lot of points when upgrading your love life. Photo credit: Jjonathan Borba

Breakfast on the Beach

The beach is doubly beautiful in the morning. Additionally, exposing yourself to the sun and ocean improves your mental health. Having the most important meal of the day while watching the sunrise on the beach is quite romantic, completely turning the cliche candlelight dinner idea on its head. 

Rooftop Brunch

If you are not a couple of early birds, rooftop brunch can be both engaging and relaxing. Since this is the only socially acceptable time to day drink without judgement, grabbing a mimosa with your sweetheart while socially distancing is always a great choice. Also, tasty finger-foods never hurt anyone. The intimate setting gives this date a feeling of secludedness and should not hurt your wallet that much– as long as you stay away from too much bubbly. 

Picnic in the Park

Rooftops and heights not your vibe? Head to the park with an old-schooled picnic basket filled with lots of her favorite food and wine. A few things to keep in mind before heading out are the weather, properly insulated food and beverages. No one wants warm soda or funky cheese. 

Cooking the feast yourself can kick things up a notch. Bring a nice mat for comfort, add a bit of ambiance and voila, you may have just made your partner fall head over heels while sitting down.

Experience the depths and vastness of the world’s culture through travel, but on a plate. Look we’re still in a pandemic. We’re saving our coins. Photo credit: Ignacio Ceballos on Unsplash

Dinner and castle tour 

According to the Travel Network, visiting castles makes you feel royal and what girl does not want to be treated like a princess? The good news is that you do not need to visit England or Sweden to do so. There are a lucky 13 American castles that give Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany or France’s Château de Chantilly a run for their money. To add, they are open to the public. A royal feast for the belly and the eyes, queen-like treatment will surely make her googly eyed. 

Moroccan style dinner

Switch up the traditional rendevouz with a bohemian-inflected, Moroccan-themed night. Sharing tagine of chicken with olives and preserved lemon, or Moroccan spiced shrimp with your beau under the stars would make for quite a delicious time. 


If your partner is ready for some adventure, then spending an evening on the water is the way to go. Set up a quiet sunset date on a boat and enjoy the view. Whether a small or medium-sized boat, you can sail away and get lost in the breathtaking views. Cook, fish or just lay there and enjoy the sea breeze. 


Mini-golf is the perfect setting for an outdoor activity. Even if she does not know the difference between the put and the green, get close by teaching her how. Playing mini-golf will bring out the inner child between the two of you while breaking the ice.

Some times a little side-alley love is required to get things going. Photo credit: Alan Quirvan on Unsplash

Outdoor Spa

Getting more acquainted at an outdoor spa is the idyllic way to melt the stress away with your love. More than that, it is a great solution to eliminating the nervousness you may feel in the pit of your stomach while on a first date. Book your appointment in a nearby spa center — with outdoor accommodations, of course. 

Sip and Paint Outside

Painting is not a bad date idea if your girlfriend is interested in the arts, or not. The benefits are endless. Indeed, the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing reports that this creative activity benefits your mental health. Playing some romantic music outside to set the mood, you can paint a masterpiece with one hand and have an adult beverage in the other. All you need is a few brushes, a paint palette and a canvas. Also, the two of you can keep the painting as a memento. 

Drive-in Movie

Want to go to the movies again? You cannot go wrong with a drive-in movie, they are both nostalgic and rare. There are not many left in the world, with only 321 drive-in movies left in the U.S. and 14 in Australia

Using your car as an intimate setting, you can enjoy a flick with your sweetheart without taking out a loan to pay for popcorn and soda. First date? It is also a great way to impress your new mate while maintaining distance. Take advantage while you still can. 

Movie night in the backyard

As you have already read, the number of drive-in movie theaters are steadily dwindling. But not to worry. Shake things up by grabbing a projector and heading outdoors. A refreshing change from watching movies on the sofa inside, you can add a little spice by moving things to the backyard. Comfortable recliners and snacks add to a romantic screening for two that any girl would appreciate. 

Slow dancing outside

There is nothing more sensual than two bodies rhymically intertwined under a moonlit sky. Couple that with libations and hors d’oeuvres, quite the amorous evening. This is the perfect date for getting close to your significant other without requiring any kind of special dancing skills. As long as you stick to the two-step, you are golden.

. . . .
Forget the bouquet. Give your special lady the whole damn field. Photo credit: Rayul on Unsplash

Overtime people fall into the lulls of a relationship but the creativity behind planning your dates should never cease. “Most people don’t stop to evaluate [their] date performance…Most men have never stopped to think ‘am I a good date?’” said dating coach Evan Marc Katz.

Women appreciate men who can think outside the box a little. “If [men] understand what the triggers are that make women turn off, then we can turn them back on,” expressed author and Speaker Tony Robbins. Otherwise stated, do not spend more time Netflix and chilling than need be.  If the flames of your relationship have cooled off, these are great ways to not only heat things up again but keep the fire alive. 

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