Former NBA player, Amar'e Stoudemire on his Dutchess County, New York farm. Stoudemire Farms launched in 2015.

Black farmers now coveted sector as meat prices surge. Here’s 60 of them to check out

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Shoppers discover that the meat ain’t cheap, but Black farmers have quality proteins that are becoming in high demand. Get you some for the fall and winter holiday.

On market days, sometimes you can see former NBA All-Star, Amar’e Stoudemire and his family selling pasture-raised, ethically bred steaks from their Black Angus herd. The Stoudemire family raises cattle on nearly 200 acres of land in Dutchess County, New York, along with harvesting maple syrup and curating specialty seasonings.

Stoudemire’s final year in the NBA, in 2013, ended with him leading the New York Knicks to the playoffs—a feat that had not been accomplished for a decade. Little did many know, following Stoudemire’s last season in the NBA, he would launch Stoudemire Farms two years later. In his rising as a farmer, Stoudemire has taken on a philosophy towards growing that a number of African Americans embrace: farming is a way to assert “dignity in reclaiming food sovereignty. ”

Cattle farming is a dominant field for Black farmers. Currently, most of the ranches are in Texas and Mississippi, according to the USDA. But, Brennan Washington of the Southern Agricultural said that many Georgia ranchers need to be accounted for too.

Black farmers have also been prominent in chickens, hogs, and in some cases, lamb, goat, rabbit and other poultry such as turkey, geese, ducks and Guinea fowl. With the meat cost spike, Black farmers have moved into a cottage part of agriculture to a coveted one, but agriculture takes time to evolve.

A very new rancher, Stoudemire already has requests to ship his beef, but like all new businesses he told a potential customer who asked if he shipped internationally “not yet.”

“We see a lot of people who want to support Black farmers, but they want their food right now, or right around the corner, or shipped to them overnight,” explains Amara Brown of Black Farmers Index. “What I learned, and what we all need to learn, is that growing does nor work like that, if you really want real tomatoes and chickens.”

Black Farmers Index is an initiative-turned-non-profit birthed out of a media project from Ark Republic. The idea was to link consumers directly to Black farmers and growers.

“We were not prepared for the response,” tells Brown. “I get calls from all over the country from people wanting to patronize the farms. That is good. Now what we’re doing is asking folk to be patient as they connect with them. But let me tell you, once you’ve established a relationship, it’s like family.”

Like many across the U.S. who eat meat, they’ve experienced sticker shock from surging prices at grocery stores and restaurants. According to the USDA’s September 2021 report, “food-at-home prices are expected to increase between 2.5 and 3.5 percent, and food-away-from-home prices are expected to increase between 3.5 and 4.5 percent.”

To give more insight, CBS News business analyst and host of “Jill on the Money” Jill Schlesinger says, “After the pandemic started to recede around the world, there was this surging demand for lots of different things, just goods in general.”

She goes on. “Due to the pandemic, there was a lot of capacity that was crimped and added onto that, higher shipping costs. And all this has conspired to create shortages and delays in a wide-range of goods.”

To help consumers find Black farmers selling poultry, meat and fish, here’s a list. Please note, most of these are small-scale farms, so they will sell out.


Stoudemire Farm | Dutchess County, NY | Website + Instagram + Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin | Raises and sells Black Angus cattle beef; Harvests and sells maple syrup and curates specialty seasoning

Hawkins Homestead Farm | Kinsey, AL | Urban farm raises chickens and provides Non-GMO organic poultry, eggs, seasonal produce and homemade jams | Website + Instagram + Facebook

DorRay Ranch | Webster, FL | Offers cattle grazing, hay and raises Angus cattle for beef sales | Facebook

Delmar Farm Inc. | Halifax County, NC | Raises and sells livestock for grass-fed beef; Practices forestry to sell timber | Website + Facebook

A & A Farms and Hauling | Chester, SC | Raises and sells, free-ranging, grass-fed and grass finished Angus beef calves | Website

Blackwell’s Farm | Reidsville, NC |Raises and sells Black Angus cattle Facebook

Hunter Farms, Inc. | Jakin, GA | Agriculture cooperative raising grass-fed cattle | Facebook

Strickland Heritage Farms | Athens, GA | Grows and sells Beef cattle | Instagram

Abba Beef | Marion, AL | Raises cattle to sell beef | Facebook

Nix Sustainable Natural Beef Farm | Gainesville, FL | Raises beef cattle using natural, environmental friendly methods | Tel. 305-205-3036


Griffin Organic Poultry | Hawthorne, FL | Sells pasture-raised chickens, turkeys and organic eggs from pastured hens | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 352-208-6095

Smith Hatchery Farm | Ooltewah, TN | Operates as a small local hatchery that sells baby chicks, chickens, turkey’s, ducks, pheasants, quail, guinea, and peacocks; and eggs | Facebook + Instagram

Goodman Edwards Farms | Chicago, IL | Raises and sells farm-to-table duck | Facebook | Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Youtube

Hawkins Homestead Farm | Kinsey, AL | Urban farm raises chickens and provides Non-GMO organic poultry, eggs, seasonal produce and homemade jams | Website + Instagram + Facebook

Ironhouse Homestead | Blanchester, OH | Raises chickens, guineas and ducks and sells the meat | Website + Facebook + Instagram

DP Ranch 11 | Calhan, CO | Raises poultry and farm fresh eggs | Facebook

Fitrah Farms | Central VA | Raises and sells organic, pasture raised chickens that are hand-slaughtered halal | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter |

Hella Hens Homestead LLC | East Bay Area, CA | Raises a variety of animals and sells free-range chicken eggs | Website + Instagram

The Halalhomestead | Bothell, Washington | Raises chickens and sells organic farm fresh eggs | Website + Instagram + Facebook

Triple J Farm | Windsor, New York | Raises chickens and sells free range eggs | Website + Instagram

Bread and Butter Farm to Table | Monroe, GA | Raises and sells chickens and fresh eggs | Website + Instagram 


Golden Organic Farms | Pinetop, NC | Offers a more sustainable and healthier choice of pork products | Instagram

Mosley Farms Pastured Pork | Savannah, GA |  Raises all natural pasture pork, and no antibiotics | Facebook + Instagram

Peculiar Pig Farm | Summerville, SC | Raises and sells pigs and pork products such as sausage | Facebook + Instagram

Caribe United Farm | Crawford, GA | Produces farm fresh eggs, Caribbean pork and meat products from a partner farm, and pasture-raised, organic poultry and eggs | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Dollison Farm | Poulan, GA (South Georgia) | Provides freshly processed pork and partners to produce Warrior Creek Premium Meats | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Mack Haymaker Cattle Co. | Auburn, AL | Raises and sells beef cattle | Facebook

John H. Moody Farm | Soso, MS | Raises cattle as a meat wholesaler and online seller | Website + Facebook

3Ts Farms, LLC |  Lincolnton, GA | Operates a hog farma and sells pork and pork-based products | Website + Facebook + Instagram


Apex Seafood | Apex, NC | Catches and sells fish and crustacean off the coast of North Carolina | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Scott Fish Farm | Itta Bena, MS | Raises and sells catfish and shellfish | 662-299-0508 or 662-254-7849

Pitt Farm | Elm City (Edgecombe County), NC | Harvests and sells prawn | Website + Instagram + Facebook

Capt. Sin’s Wholesale Seafood | Houston, TX |  Provides and delivers freshest quality, locally sourced seafood to include live Louisiana crawfish, fresh Gulf shrimp and crab | Website + Website 2 + Facebook + Instagram 

Southern Breeze Seafood | Jacksonville, NC | Fishes and sells fish and shrimp, as well as sells the catch of other fisherfolk | Email:

Lee Jackson Farms  | Hayneville, AL | Raises and sells shrimp | Website + Facebook

Thompson’s Prawn Farm | Orange County, NC | Harvests and sells prawns | Website

The Gullah Crab | St. Petersburg, FL | Crabber offers live and cooked crabs | Facebook

Brown’s Oyster Supply | Charleston, SC | Catches and sells oysters | Facebook + Instagram

Bradley Seafood Market | St. Helena, SC | Catches and sells fresh shrimp | Tel. 843-838-2924

Multiple Meats

Swanson Family Farm | Hampton, GA | Cattle farming; sells high quality beef, lamb, goat and pork; has a distribution channel to Philadelphia | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Agape Organic Farms | Dansville, MI | Raises and sells grass fed, pasture-raised meat ( beef cattle and pork) | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Rose Hill Farm | Gloucester, VA | uses farm harvest to create natural and handmade products; Raises Chicken, goat, pork to sell meat | Facebook 

Cleav’s Family Market Farm | Bonnieville, KY | Raises hogs, cattle and chickens using natural and humane methods to sell at beef, pork and poultry products in meat bundles: Grows and sells vegetables | Website + Facebook

Jireh Family Farm | Durham, NC | Raises free range chickens, pigs and cattle for natural, free range chickens, eggs, permaculture pork, and pastured Angus beef | Website + Instagram

Sylvanaqua Farms |  Earlysville, VA | Raises and sells forest-raised pork and grass-fed Beef; raises and sells pasture-raised chickens; offers eggs from heritage breed and golden comet hens | Website + Instagram

Comfort Farms | Milledgeville, GA| Raises and sells a large variety of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and eggs |  Website + Facebook + Instagram

High Hog Farm | Grayson, GA | Sells herbs, fruits, vegetables, poultry and pork | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Jones Cattle Company | Atlanta Metro Area, GA | Raises cattle and hogs to sell beef and pork | Instagram

Nanna’s Homestead | Hemet, CA | Raises and sells chickens and pigs |Facebook

Grass Grazed | Durham, NC | Raises grass-grazed hens, pigs and beef cattle that are free of genetically modified organisms | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Abundant Life Market | Davidsonville, MD | Grows and sells vegetables and fruit; Raises and sells poultry, dairy, eggs, cattle and beef and turkey | Website + Facebook 

Sweet Jones Farms | Baton Rouge, LA | Raises chickens and cows for fresh eggs and beef; Catches and  sells wild-caught seafood | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Sweeting Ranch | Loyalton, CA | Farms vegetables and raises cattle, lamb and chickens for eggs | Facebook 

Urban Grange Farm | Hephzibah, GA | Provides quality pork, chicken, eggs and produce grown using organic methods | Website + Facebook

3 Flock Farm | Elletsville, IN | Raises lamb and cattle for meat | Facebook | Email:

I-tal Farms | Guilford, IN | Raises and sells chickens and goat meat | Facebook

Fighting to Farm | Ellicott, CO | Raises and sells beef cattle, pigs/hogs, poultry, goat, and lamb. Also offers chicken and duck eggs | Facebook

North Lakes Farm LLC | Brainerd, Minnesota | Raises mangalitsa pork, pastured poultry and free range laying hens

Smith Poultry | Williamstown, NJ | Produces and sells pasture-raised beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and meat products such as sausages and chops | Website + Instagram

Cross Eyed Cricket Farms | Blodgett, OR | Raises and sells meat “fryers” chicken, eggs and lamb yearound | Facebook + Instagram

S & B Farm | Eufaula, AL | Raises and sells livestock production such as chickens, goats, turkeys, hogs, ducks, rabbits, and beef cattle | Website + Facebook + Linkedin + Youtube

Davies Family Farm | Georgetown, OH | Raises grassfed cattle and free range chickens to sell beef and eggs | Website + Facebook + Instagram

RD & S Farm | Brandon, MS | Raises and sells lamb, chickens and rabbits | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Muse 3 Farm | Greensburg, LA | Raises and sells Angus steers, lambs, goats, turkeys and chickens and offers farm tours | Website | Email: | Phone: 770-231-9417 or Phone: 770-633-0861

Ole Mack Ronald Farms | Des Allemands, LA | Raises and sells pasteurized poultry, grass-fed sheep and goats | Website + Instagram

Annabessacook Farm | Winthrop, ME | Raises cattle and chickens to sell dairy, poultry, and meat | Website + Facebook 

Thaxton Farm | South Boston, VA | Grows and sells vegetables: Raises chickens and pigs/hogs for fresh eggs and natural pork

Briarwood Cattle Farm | Red Springs, NC | Raises cattle and sells beef; raises grass fed beef the traditional way; pasteurized chickens; fresh eggs | Youtube + Facebook + Twitter + Instagram

Swayback Branch Family Farm | Littleton, NC | Raises and sells pork, chickens, eggs and other meats | Facebook

Cambridge Creek Ranch | Saulsbury, TN | Raises sand sells beef, lamb, goat, pork, rabbit | Website + Facebook + Instagram

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