Most children are born between July and September, according the Live Science. This means, the conceptions took place between October and February, or during Cuffing Season which runs during the colder months, from October to March. Photo credit: Andres Ayrton of Pexels

Hot girl summer is done. Fall bae is here. Now let the cuffing season begin. The dating solstice during a pandemic

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It’s no surprise that during cuffing season, people desire someone to keep them warm during those brisk fall days and cold winter nights. But what does that look like in this post-pandemic world? 

During the beginning stages of the pandemic many businesses were forced to shut their doors, all the while,  activity on dating apps surged. Last year in March, Tinder recorded 3 billion swipes — its highest number on a single day. OkCupid saw a 700 percent spike in dates. More than that, Bumble video calls surged by 70 percent. 

COVID-19 killed the libido of the traditional cuffing season. By this happening, dating moved online and it was all about being a hot girl. But staying in the single lane and being a hot girl had its benefits, as it lessened the chances of falling prey to the public health crisis. 

On the other side, married couples were put to the test when the world was forced to remain at home. Divorce rates skyrocketed worldwide. Particularly, newlyweds were divorcing at alarming rates. British law firm Stewarts logged a 122 percent surge in enquiries. The United States, Sweden and China have also seen an uptick in divorces.

“I don’t think that the reasons that people are divorcing have necessarily changed. You’ve always had the underlying current of ‘I’m unhappy with this or that at home’. But I think it has just brought the focus on domestic arrangements really into much more sharp focus than they would ordinarily be,” said Stewarts law firm partner, Carly Kinch.

Seemingly unaffected about the lockdown were millennials. Interestly, 32 percent of millennials said they would break up with their significant other for a $37,000 raise. Millennials are reported to be so career-focused that many admitted to willingly staying single for eleven years, delaying marriage for seven years and putting off kids for eight, according to CNBC. 

. . . .

Here in the United States, Americans crave a return to pre-pandemic dating norms. To their benefit, 166.5 million people have been fully vaccinated in the United States

“It’s almost like there’s two Americas. You’re going to have areas where the vaccine rate is high [and areas where the vaccine rate is low],” said Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Still, Americans feel more comfortable dating now that more people are being vaccinated. 

Indeed, millennials have already begun to inquire on social media about potential partners for this season. “Let me go walk around Target, maybe I’ll find my soul mate. Hell, it’s the beginning of cuffing season and I have yet to get one application out,” said Twitter user Thomas Webb.

Method to the madness

The cuffing schedule was not put together haphazardly. It was created with careful consideration of holidays and the fact that people are less social during cold winter months.

The period is broken up into sections. The first one is scouting, which takes place between August 1 and August 31. At this time you gather all possible mates for the season. Then, similar to the NFL, the draft occurs between September 1 and September 30. Here is an ideal time to narrow down your list. 

 “I will be accepting applications for cuffing season Winter 2021. [Please] submit [your] resumes including [your] ssn, pension details, and if [you] have life threatening illness please let me know what will send [you] overboard,” said Facebook user Kimmie Renee.

After September 30, tryouts begin. From October 1 through October 31 you verify who on your list has the same values, goals and characteristics as you. At the very least, physical considerations are taken, especially ones that could be tolerated during a fourth wave

October could be the most popular month to start up new relationships due to the shifting weather and holiday activities that are “much more fun as a couple.”

Preseason is November 1 to November 30. This is the period you casually date who is left off your roster. Albeit unofficial, you should be on the verge of a serious relationship with them.

“As I venture back into Cuffing Season 2021, I’m just working on my craft in therapy. I’m trying to put some good dates on [my] resume,” said Mental Health podcaster and Twitter user, Byron Taylor.

Finally, cuffing season officially begins on December 1, ending on January 15. Here is where you couple up.  

A benevolent agenda

There is no doubt that people  use cuffing season as a time to flap their promiscuous wings. 

“People want to act up in the spring and summer…so…after valentines day, the foolishness kicks in,” said radio personality of ‘Patty and the Millennials’ podcast Patty Jackson. 

Yet despite all the bad rap cuffing season gets, allegedly there is an underlying benevolent agenda. Many people use cuffing season as a means to date with intention. The goal of course is to land a long lasting relationship with the possibility of marriage. 

After cuffing season ends, playoff season begins January 16 and lasts through February 13. This is the point where things get pretty “serious.” You made it through the holidays together and are on the cusp of making it to the championship game – Valentines day. That is the day where you two celebrate your love for each other and look forward to the future together.

The method has proven to be successful at times. Hair stylist and Instagram user reputation hair, posted a picture of her newly acquired emerald green engagement ring. She wrote, “Cuffing season champion!…We’ve always known that there was something really special between us. So we decided to make it a permanent thing. He just wants to make me laugh and grow with me. There’s no one else I’d rather walk through life with than him.”

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