Finding JaShyah: New Jersey family desperately searches for teen and needs your help

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A family goes through the harrowing experience of their daughter who disappeared in East Orange, New Jersey. One family member, who is Ark Republic’s newsroom editor, tells the story and asks for your assistance in finding JaShyah Moore.

JaShyah Moore, a teen who was in the middle of transferring high schools, has been missing since October 14, 2021. While making a run to the store for her mother, she discovers she lost her card. While tracing her steps from her home to the community bodega, Moore disappears. The family is asking if you have seen JaShyah, and want to tell their story about the harrowing experiences of looking of a young, black girl in a post-pandemic U.S. If you have any information on JaShyah, please call the number in the video.

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