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Pitching woo during COVID-19

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Now that the vaccine is available, tensions have eased, but risk and effects of the innoculation are still interwoven into dating.

What is pitching woo? It is an English term describing someone seriously courting or seeking the affection of another. Though pitching woo is old school lingo, it just might be what is needed in this complicated time for budding bae-ships.

“One of the hardest things to deal with in this type of crisis is being able to go the distance,” said Moderna CEO, Stéphane Bancel. He now predicts that the pandemic could end in the second half of 2022. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel for lovers.

Prior to the COVID-19 vaccine roll out, singles looking to woo or court their significant others had to evaluate whether their “love” or “like” was enough for an evening out. After all, was their potential mate worth putting their health on the line? Even more, serious contemplation was needed if their prospect pressured them to go out. In all seriousness, how much could they really care if they casually ask you to forfeit your well being?

“Dating during this COVID-19 pandemic must be crazy . . . like, I am supposed to just kiss you or we each finna take two $300 COVID tests first? Am I paying for both tests?” inquired Twitter user wadadlikid. 

At present, the CDC reports that the vaccinated are still susceptible to breakthrough infections and can spread it to others. Befittingly, Twitter user officialyesica asked, “How tf are you even supposed to start dating during COVID-19, like how do you even meet people?” 

Indeed, meeting options are pretty slim these days with COVID-19 being transmissible through saliva droplets, leaving kissing off the table. More than that, hugging defies the guidelines of social distancing, thus leaving one option available—using dating apps to stack up prospects until the second half of 2022.

Online dating and virtual dates dramatically increased during the pandemic.

In the meanwhile, sign up for online dating

Albeit remote connections on dating apps do not appear to confer the same mental health benefits as face to face contact does, Tinder and Hinge now offer video chat features for users who prefer to go on virtual dates. Veritably, users on Bumble have increased by 70 percent. More than that, the social and dating app reports seeing a 55 percent spike in slow daters, or users who prefer seeing fewer people in hopes to get them better.

“We have seen some remarkable shifts in behavior through the pandemic . . . the most profound is slow dating,” said CEO and Founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd. 

Accordingly, Canadian Physician Dr. Bonnie Henry proposed making sure whoever you are dating is “the one.” Although some would argue this is easier said than done, once cleared. Yet another viable option is visiting the park with your recently COVID-19 tested or vaccinated date. 

. . . .

Although the risk of infection is lower on the totem pole to single young people when compared to dating and going to nightclubs, there are still those who believe that the stakes are just too high and would prefer playing it safe during this tumultuous health crisis. To that end, actress, screenwriter and comedian Arushi Gupta tweeted, “RULES FOR DATING DURING COVID-19: 1. Don’t.”

Still, if you are willing to get back out there, Time Magazine articulated that “Dating during COVID-19 doesn’t offer the romance of infatuation or the passion of a fling, but it teaches us to commit to something different: kindness, curiosity, discovery [and] patience.” 

Ultimately, spring 2022 is in just six months. Undoubtedly, there is no harm in throwing your hat in the ring on a couple of dating apps while patiently waiting for the virus to weaken and eventually dissipate next year.

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