Finding JaShyah: Family still searching for missing teen in East Orange

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Weeks have passed in a family’s search for their young, teen, JaShyah Moore. Where is the search right now?

We spoke to the family member of JaShyah Moore, the teen who went missing in East Orange, New Jersey on October 14, 2021. Yolanda Aguilera, who is JaShyah’s aunt and Ark Republic’s newsroom editor gave us an update on their search.

Now that family advocacy and community support across the North New Jersey area increases, more law enforcement efforts have too. With JaShyah’s case, the issue of a spike in the disappearances Black and Brown people emerges again. But in a post-pandemic era, the search offers more challenges.

JaShyah’s mother, Jamie Moore, has started a fund to help absorb the growing costs of the search. There is also now a $15,000 reward.

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