Winter is coming. Ancestors are here. Western Religion is not enough. The Remedy is to fire up the inner self. So try it for 21 Days

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An A.M.E. pastor now talks about what he did when Christianity was not enough for his spiritual growth. Introduces us to the concepts behind, “21 Days of Power.”

Once again its on! Two years ago, Baba Anthony Todd Jackson walked us through his 21 Day program, a seasonal initiative designed to assist us in aligning ourselves, tapping into ancestral power and unlocking our purpose. We’re going to do the program again, but wanted to give our listeners more insight on the man who put his on twist on an old practice — staying focused and meditated up.

We talk to Baba Todd who is both an ordained Christian pastor and initiated priest in the African tradition of Ifa. He talks about his journey of employing both practices, while coming to terms with the source of spiritual systems.

In this conversation we go from ancestors, to questioning faith, and finding answers in the soil. What is Black? What is Native? What is spirituality? Why is the winter solstice such a powerful time of the year? Plus, how do we make sense of self during this time.

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