Jamie Moore, New Jersey mother who fiercely searched for daughter JaShyah speaks out after arrest

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Days after her release, Ms. Moore says the media excoriated her and the community judged her, just for being a mother who challenged the system in her fight to find her daughter. Now she speaks about her ordeal.

Jamie Moore, the East Orange, New Jersey mother was hailed as a hero in her desperate attempts to find her missing 14-year-old daughter, JaShayah Moore. When JaShyah was located and declared safe, Ms. Moore was subsequently arrested and now faces charges of child endangerment.

Since, rumors, accusations and speculation about Ms. Moore and JaShayah have circulated throughout social media and news channels. A mother of two who decided to stop her cancer treatments in search of her daughter, now battles a life-threatening illness and the possibility of going to jail for child neglect. To address her case and answer questions, Ark Republic spoke with Ms. Moore in an exclusive interview.

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