Four New Jersey brothers fight for freedom

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A Newark, New Jersey family’s encounter with law enforcement during the pandemic is now a legal nightmare. They are determined to see justice through for them.

Justin Rodwell was purchasing clothes from a mobile vendor on fall day in 2021. All of sudden, several plain clothes officers who did not initially identify themselves jumped out of a car and rushed him. Three of his brothers saw the melee and ran out of the home. All four were arrested and charged with assaulting officers amongst other offenses.

While three of the brothers were released, Justin remains in jail for trial. Community activists say that this is unlawful detainment by Newark police officers who profiled Justin. The family claims that they have been harassed by Newark police department since. Their case, known as the Rodwell-Spivey case has local activists backing their efforts to be excused of what they see as bogus charges. We speak with Bro. Afrika about the case still pending on Ark Republic News.

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