Ukraine-Russia border tensions continue, ongoing negotiations to ease rumblings of conflict while military forces still on alert

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Russia throws a rock then hides its hand in Ukraine-Border crisis. Western allies and Russia in terse talks, but no indicators of countries backing down.

Russia’s President Putin is not backing down in removing troops from the border. While negotiations continue, the Russian head-of-state remains steadfast in demands that NATO and other forces allied with the West refrain from attempting to stop him in controlling the border dispute with Ukraine. Now, sanctions mount from Western powers in the potential of the Eastern European country’s invasion of Ukraine. Withal going on, the U.S. continues to line up its allegiances, while the threat of an armed conflict looms over Ukraine, an independent nation stuck in the middle of long Cold War. On Ark Republic news, we speak with international relations scholar and political science professor, Dr. Sherice J. Nelson.

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