Brian Flores versus the NFL. Head coach sues three pro-teams, alleges systemic racism

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Former Miami Dolphins head coach says he is willing to risk his career with class action lawsuit in order to change longstanding racism in the NFL.

Brian Flores is one of the few Black people to occupy the position as head coach in the NFL. To date, he’s the only coach to file a class action lawsuit citing racial discrimination and an intentionally flawed hiring system. Flores says the cards were stacked against him as he worked hard to end with winning seasons as the head coach to the Miami Dolphins.

In his complaint, he says that the Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross had other plans. Ross presented Flores with a backdoor deal to intentional lose games with a payola of $100,000 per game lost. Included in Flores’ complaint, he alleges that his interviews with the Denver Broncos and New York Giants were shams that were only set up with satisfy the rules of diversity. We talk about this with Bro. Afrika on Weekly Check In.

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