Ukraine-Russia tensions grow to ‘high potential’ of war

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The U.S. and other countries around the globe position themselves for the Ukraine and Russia conflict that has been building up faster in the last week.

With soldiers just miles apart, and a report of bombing of a school, there are still continued diplomatic talks, but military pressure runs on high alert. This complex matter is explained by Dr. Sherice J. Nelson who talks with Ark Republic on the intricacies—from the battle to control information to the looming impact on gas supplies in Europe, and for Americans to brace themselves for major disruptions if a conflict ensues.

What we also talk about is a story that has yet to be examined in the U.S. What role does Africa play as Europe, and the U.S. spat over Ukraine-Russian shared borders? Moreover, why isn’t anyone speaking about the unprecedented amount of coups and attempted coups in Africa in the last ten years, which has acutely spiked in the last two years. Dr. Nelson provides insight again.

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