Remember the Rodwell-Spivey Brothers case. Four New Jersey brothers fight racial profiling from Newark PD

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A family might lose all the men in their immediate nucleus . . . all because two wanted to purchase some clothes. Four brothers—Justin Rodwell, Branden K. Rodwell, Jaykill Rodwell, and Jasper Spivey—are facing serious jail time for biased policing.

Two brothers were purchasing clothes from a mobile merchant in front of their house at the same time plain clothes police officers said they were searching for a Black male with the hairstyle of locs. After the cops rushed them, two more brothers came out in concern. Melee ensued. Now all four are in jeopardy of being convicted. But, a community works for justice, and to get one of the three brothers out of jail as they await *trial.

The case has set off a roll of activists and organizations bringing light to the mishandling of Newark PD, a law enforcement agency that has been under federal scrutiny and observation for years. We speak with one of the brothers’ legal representation, who Cynthia Hardaway on the case, and the civil rights abuses, including harassment by local authorities.

*At the time of the interview, the next hearing was scheduled as a virtual hearing. Now it is in person.

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