Racism in war. Women, children and white men only on Ukraine trains; Africans denied at Poland border

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Like a page out of U.S. Jim Crow south, racist treatment of non-white Ukrainians show disparities, even in the face of a humanitarian crisis.

Africans report to be thrown off of trains in Ukraine as they attempt to evacuate conflict-territories in the country engaged in a full-scale war with Russia. Once they get to the Poland border, they are denied entry, and left to wait outside without shelter. As well, Indians and Brazilians are left stranded and without resources. The Ukraine-Russia fighting shows there are other battles embedded. We speak with Dame Crawford of Uncouth Radio.

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  1. Actually the Ukraine soldiers are letting in Ukrainian citizens first bc the brown and blacks have a country to go to as the Ukrainians do not. It’s not the Polish denying entry, but the Ukrainian military making the decisions. It begs to question-were the same brown and black people (students, etc) receiving racist attitudes from Ukrainians b4 the war whilst living I. Ukraine? Or is Ukraine now all of a sudden racist? I’m confounded.

    • From reports both Ukraine and Polish governments have been complicit. Plus, we have confirmed reports that Ukraine had been downplaying the conflict, and many thought it would be later. But to your reasoning, you’re saying that students and others should stay in Ukraine and die because they citizenship is somewhere else? Got it.

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