‘They didn’t talk to activists who were already organizing . . . they just swooped in.’ Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump protest shut down in New Jersey

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Grassroots organizers in New Jersey say they are tired of the “ambulance chasers.”

Team Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump organized a protest on behalf of the Z’Kye Husain family in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Z’kye is the young teen who was bullied in the mall by an older white Hispanic high schooler. After Z’kye began to defend himself in what became a melee, mall security tackled, handcuffed then put their knees in the boy’s neck. All the while, the aggressor was left unharmed.
Local organizers began to rally around what was the latest incident of police profiling and harassment in Bridgewater. While they reached out to the Husain family for a conference and demonstration to discuss the pattern of abuse by the local police department, the traumatized residents opted to call commercial agitators Sharpton and Crump. But, their protest was disrupted and bigger issues were raised.
We talk to Afrika who attended the demonstration to give details on what happened, and why a growing sentiment against Sharpton and Crump’s approach continues to grow.

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