Banking while Black. Marvel Comic’s Black Panther director, Ryan Coogler profiled at Bank of America

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Top Hollywood director profiled and detained by local police when erroneously suspected of criminal activity.

Another one. In January 2022, billion-dollar generating, Ryan Coogler went to a Bank of America Atlanta branch for a $12,000 withdrawal from his account. The bank teller suspected him as participating in criminal activity, even though he presented his bank card and California identification. Nonetheless, the teller, a black woman, called the police. Subsequently, Coogler was detained by police, who eventually let him go.

Coogler’s incident with Black folk and the issues with banking and banking institutions span generations. As of late, Coogler is one of a string of African Americans who are profiled in their attempts of cashing checks and attempting to take out sums of money. But this also points to the deficit of the lack of black-owned banks.

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