Compton politics disrupted. Andre Spicer sues after whistleblower reveals voter fraud in elections

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Andre Spicer, also known as ‘Hub City Dre,’ a local radio host and entrepreneur who owns an alkaline water store in Compton, decided to activate young voters in Compton. So, he ran for the District 2 council seat.

Days before his runoff with incumbent Isaac Galvan ended, a whistleblower came forward with allegations that they along with at least 20 others, participated in voter fraud. The whistleblower said it was to ensure the incumbent remained unseated. Subsequently, charges were filed against five people including Galvan, but Galvan claims to be a Bad Boy who refuses to resign.

We speak with Mr. Spicer and Dame Crawford.

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  1. Hoping that things are resolved soon. It is ridiculous that it is taking this long. Issac Galvan and Albert Robles are both thugs!!! Im sure they both involved in the fraud. They have no respect for political office, the process, or the law. They both should go to jail. Also, I hope the citizens of compton are not paying for Issac attorney Albert ( check his bar record), if so it is another ploy for the two of them to take advantage of the system. Please get rid of them both.

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