Black Lives Matter $6 million secret mansion, and the lack of transparency

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The rabbit hole goes deeper with Black Lives Matter when recent news articles reported that a $6.1 million California mansion was purchased using non-transparent business dealings.

The owner of it is listed as a Delaware-based corporation, but a Black Lives Matter (BLM) representative confirmed that it was purchased with BLM funds as a house used for online content creation.

This latest discovery adds more fuel to a group now under heavy criticism when one of its founders and former president of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Patrisse Khan-Cullors shows a $3.3 million portfolio. Plus, the State of California ushered a mandate for the group to itemize where did the $90 million in funds raised in 2020 go.

Dame Crawford of Uncouth Radio, who now is a regular contributor has been following the money and this story. We speak with him on the matter.

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