WNBA Brittney Griner still in Russian jail. Political prisoner or pawn in Ukraine-Russia conflict

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Brittney Griner was arrested at Russia’s international airport in mid-February, just before the Ukraine-Russia conflict. a star player in the Phoenix Mercury WNBA league, the 6-foot-9 center also plays for a team in Russia, like many WNBA players during the off-season.

Russian officials say Griner was arrested for having marijuana vape cartridges in her luggage. We have confirmed what Ark Republic contributors have been saying for months. Griner’s detainment is for political reasons. However, the public outrage, has been at best, a low-purr. Moreover, the response of the U.S. in regards to the situation has been lukewarm. What’s the deal? We talk about this issue with Dr. Sherice J. Nelson, and think through the larger implications of this global political issue.

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