The most notorious gangs in L.A. have badges and guns. COC unveils county police department goons

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The Civilian Oversight Commission in Los Angeles started a series of open hearings investigating Los Angeles County Sheriff and L.A. Police Department gangs in the organization.

The movie Training Day was far from fiction. Corrupt cops throughout Los Angeles Metro, police departments is more of a mainstay than a fiction. So much so, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to implement a Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission with the mission “to improve public transparency and accountability.” The commission launched multiple hearings to listen to testimonies from law enforcement to community members who have been impacted by gangs within the department. Multiple allegations say that this sordid part of the departments have leaked into the Administration, and right up to the top. Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been implicated as either a member of the Banditos or a “mark” or perpetrator who supplies favors to the East Los Angeles-based group.

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