New podcasts coming to Ark Republic on August 11 and August 25

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When a Londoner in education and an American librarian share their experiences, you get two new Ark Republic podcasts: Intermezzo, hosted by Amanda Agyei; and Book Ends + Liner Notes by Tashiana Scott-Cochran.

In August, we are launching two refreshingly engaging podcasts that give insight into two worlds that U.S. media rarely explores: the lives of folk of color in Europe from a person of color; and the lens of books and music from a Black librarian.

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In the new programming, we introduce Amanda Agyei, an East Londoner who thought it was time for people in the various diasporas to know what it is like to be brown, black and other colorful hues, but whose stories never make major press. Her podcast, Intermezzo, an Italian word for interlude or in-between, she captures the lives of those passing through and finding footing in both host and home countries. From the Ethiopian migrant in Italy who left corporate to create textiles, to the Brazilian artist who travels Europe, all the while, carving out an intersection of sound and culture, Agyei embarks on a journey with the most interesting people who tell fascinating stories. Plus, you’ll hear how they navigate their worlds.

Next is Tashiana Scott-Cochran, a lifelong lover of books who lives in one of the most musically influential hubs in the world, the Atlanta metro. If you thought librarians were boring, you have not met Scott-Cochran who will explore books and music she pulls from the library shells for a deep dive in her podcast, Book Ends + Liner Notes. From the beloved Toni Morrison to the oft-misunderstood, Phyllis Hyman, we are taken on a sonic and literary sojourn to hear interpretations of text that is both profound and refreshing.

To get to know Agyei and Scott-Cochran some more, we spoke with them on their podcasts, and of course, the conversation took so many turns, it became this deep dive into several discussions of race and power. Intermezzo runs every second Thursday of the month, while Book Ends and Liner Notes is scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the month.

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