Intermezzo Podcast: Semhal Tsegaye Abebe went from corporate to owning an Italian textiles company Ep. 1

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When everyone told Semhal Tsegaye Abebe that she was out of her mind for starting a textile business during the pandemic, she dug deeper into her sanity anyway.

Nobody, we mean nobody was prepared for the life-altering experiences the world went through during the global shutdown. Some people caught up on sleep. Some people filed for a divorce. Others found religions, while those like Semhal Tsegaye Abebe uncovered their passion: textiles. Switching from business hours to all hours of inspiration, Amanda Agyei speaks to Abebe on what it was like to change her career during a crisis.

Raised between Ethiopia and Italy, and now living in the latter for over 17 years, she is doing amazing things marrying both of her cultures seamlessly in her collections. With a successful career in the corporate industry, she made the renegade decision to invest fully in herself and start Almaz in October 2020.

To contact Semhal Tsegaye Abebe
Instagram: @almaz2020almaz
Facebook: @almaztextiledesign
Email: or

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