Intermezzo Podcast. A talk with writer, storyteller Emmanuelle Maréchal Episode 2

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A woman who has honed the skill of storytelling in the digital world, Emmanuelle Maréchal has created podcasts about family, written articles about fashion, been a part of festivals about diasporic culture and much more.

The stories she tells are frank, sometimes funny and often speak to the varied life experiences of Black Europeans. Maréchal has lived in Cameroon, Germany, Italy, the UK and France, with a myriad of experiences that have gone to inform not only how she sees the world, but the stories she chooses to center.

In a quite timely conversation, she talks about the British monarchy, the UK and empire, and the Queen being ‘the queen of destruction’, which feels in line with a lot of current online talk online about the queen’s death in commonwealth countries.

She also talks about the disparities in Italian citizenship. In her analysis, Maréchal included analysis of Italians using gas chambers in Lybia, and how apartheid is a part of Italy’s colonial past, years before South Africa.

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