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Sugar scrubbed lips and other beauty, fashion tips

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From your coats to your lips, this season is the period for you to express the most vibrant you while maintaining a healthy, easy beauty routine.

Bold, deep-toned colors rule the wardrobe this season. The late fall and winter choices mark a return to the vibrant life after three years of work-from-home pajamas jams dominated video conferences. Now, we are ready to come out to play during these chillier months of the year. 

Burgundy’s and rich violets are real fly this season. Burnt oranges, nice majestic blues, and gorgeous shades of winter green are giving exquisite energy. A tiger orange and even a sunshine yellow pique fashion interests. 

These vibrant hues pair well with the various shades of gray and cream that are also the vibe. Another popular color is what I’ll call Panettone, like the color of the Italian sweet bread from Milan, is a real hot brown hue. This makes sense because Milano is a major global fashion center. This melanated tone also is a popular leather in another fashion center, Florence, which also emphasizes that furs and leathers will be a thing these seasons too.

Also gaining momentum is the return of hypnotic, eye-catching patterns. The summer and early fall were about florals, Pucci prints, checkerboards, animal patterns and Chevrons stoked the memories of the 60s and 70s. If you feel even more ancestral, or even want to point to the origins of many of the prints we see, tap into the ancients to find the geometrical wonders that have existed for centuries and even millennia.

The spark of brilliant hues woven into our fabrics is the perfect dosage required to boost the world’s vigor and vim. You deserve to stray away from your black-on-blacks. We lived through a pandemic, a little color added to your apparel choices might be what you needed to get that extra step to go to a meeting or finish a project that requires in-office visits.

Secretly, I gasped in delight when I saw the choices this season. It is as if the fashion industry threw us bomb purple pigments then said, “Go and be great.” Dammit that is exactly what I’m going to do. The beauty of color is that you have so many options to compliment your skin tone. One way to play with color is incorporate it into your accessories: scarves, gloves, hats, shoes, socks, stockings, coats and jackets. Even a shirt that sings vivacious tints is fun can be subtle, yet alluring. But, if you want to turn heads, be sunshine from the bolero down to the socks then add a print.

Exfoliate the smoochers

A regular lip care regimen during this time of the year is imperative. We all need one because we all have had a day or two when our lips got so dry they cracked or had extra skin dangling. Due to the extreme winter weather, acclimated by indoor heating systems, the drying of our lips increases.

I developed a lip sugar scrub that gently exfoliates the lips then restores them. Sugar is a less scratchy Exp than salt and it is effective in sloughing off flaky skin. The moisturizers added to my sugar scrub leaves the lips even, juicy and plump. Plus, this is a great product to use before applying lip balm, lip gloss, lip liners and lipstick. Who wants caked up tints sitting like gutterballs between lip lines or stashes of goo on the sides of the mouth?

Because we live in an occidental society, meaning we understand the world through seeing, the face is part of our first contact. Thus lip maintenance helps us keep those kissers smooth and glowing. 

The beauty routine is easily applicable. Use the sugar scrub at night then in the morning wash it off and put on the lip protectant like the Rose Lip Mask in my stash. Try one of the shades of Mahima Beauty. As a person who created a line to deal with my own health issues, Mahima Beauty’s products do not have parabens, fragrance, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, silicone, corn, barley, oat, spelt or rye. vegan. not tested on animals. All the while, the lipstick’s outer layer imparts a hint of luscious color and protects lips, while the Vitamin C enriched core delivers antioxidant protection against environmental damage. 

The overall importance is that you incorporate some lip love into those harsh winter months and dry climate areas. 

Drink water and stay out of grown folx business

H20 is the most essential need for your beauty regimen other than adequate rest and keeping your skin clean and exfoliated. Remember, healthy skin requires limited amounts of make-up and products. Actually, the core of great skin is an internal process. 

Water is nature’s humectant. It retains moisture, especially in the extreme temperatures of the winter months, or the arid climates like in my hometown of Los Angeles. Serving as an essential that rejuvenates and restores healthy skin cells, it ultimately promotes a natural glow make-up can never replace. Also, our bodies are these miraculous systems of engines. But like all power machines, they need to be flushed. Water is the simplest way to rid our bodies of daily toxins that can pile up, causing other issues.

I cannot stress this, but water is your friend. Here are some other benefits of drinking water.

  • Reduces sagging skiing
  • Increases elasticity
  • Causes reduction of scars and marks
  • Decreases acne and skin eruptions
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness
  • Flushes toxins from skin cells
  • Promotes glowing skin

Admittedly, I used to not drink as much water as required. I suggest 2 liters a day, by the way. Water was just this liquid without taste. To work through that, a delicious option is to add slices of lemon, limes, or oranges. You can even use dried sweet oranges, kiwi, and pears from Bask Farm. Or, for a spicy kick, drop a cinnamon stick or cubes of ginger into your glass then let it soak in. Another great addition are sprigs of basil and mint, herbs that are refreshing and excellent for your digestive system. One more suggestion is to add rose petals or lavender as floral accents to elevate the taste. In the end, you must eat your veggies and drink your water. Just do it with posh and pizazz.

Founder of start up, Mahima Beauty, and Dirt: Clean Culture salon and aesthetic. Lover of fashion and beauty from a holistic lens.

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Founder of start up, Mahima Beauty, and Dirt: Clean Culture salon and aesthetic. Lover of fashion and beauty from a holistic lens.

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