Response to El Paso County Sheriff’s Office press release on Ark Republic’s reporting on Colorado Black ranchers

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Ark Republic’s journalistic integrity questioned following series highlighting racial injustice accusations from Colorado ranchers.

On February 2, 2023, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office put out a press release alleging that Kaia Shivers, the editor-in-chief of online news organization Ark Republic, had failed to provide an opportunity to report their side of a story. The latter, regarding allegations made by Black Colorado ranchers, Courtney and Nicole Mallery.

The two-part series reported on the Mallerys’ experiences with local white populations in their attempts to run a ranching operation in El Paso County, Colorado. According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Dr. Shivers “did not seek comment from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office before publishing it.”

Their aforementioned statement is totally false. On Thursday, January 12, 2023, Shivers called the Sheriff Office’s communications department. Since the call went unanswered, she left a voice message. Due to the serious nature of the allegations and those involved, Shivers recorded her message. The first story ran January 16, 2023, four days after the phone call.

Subsequent stories about this matter will follow. We do hope that the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department will be willing to talk to our publication, as we are committed to providing rich and robust narratives for many of the society’s complex and nuanced issues.

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  1. It sounds like something that Bill Gates & his constituents are involving themselves in more every day. It also sounds like it’s something bigger behind the narrative that’s being pushed. Job 9:24 the earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he cover the faces of the Judges thereof if not where & who is he?

    • Wow. The articles you’re writing are so full of inaccurate information it’s scary! I can not believe that this passes for above board fair journalism! If one of my students presented this, it would get an F with a requirement to redo the assignment!
      I have biracial children & even they can see this is nonsense! At least you’re giving my son an object lesson in why the media, BLM, & racist groups should never be trusted!
      At least get our sheriff’s name right for crying out loud & understand how property rights & easements work!

  2. And all these other races always thinking black Americans aren’t trying to succeed in this country, we’ve been fight the world most powerfullest government since we were kidnapped and brought over here, they tell us to “pull yourselves up by the booth straps ” but they always snatching the boots and raising the price of the straps. But, any other race of ppl can migrate over here and they are handed the American dream, with our tax dollars. And how is it, only blk Americans can see what is going on? They have so many hurdles set in place for Black Americans and everyone else act like they don’t notice it, they are willfully ignorant, I can understand why the WHITE Americans deny what’s going on, but why do these other groups act like they don’t understand why blk ppl aren’t successful in this country.

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