Being Beloved Ep. 1: ‘To Be Loved’ Dr. Rolanda Spencer on re-entry and formerly incarcerated women

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A re-entry scholar and practitioner, Dr. Rolanda Spencer breaks down the facts of how returned citizens navigate reintegration back into society, and why women are largely absent from its programs.

The first episode of Being Beloved podcast turned the microphone around to interview the show’s host, Dr. Rolanda Spencer. She talks with Dr. Kaia Shivers about the fastest growing population in mass incarceration: women and how we need to rethink re-entry programs for them. Dr. Spencer is author of Re-examining Reentry.

Being Beloved podcast received a grant from the Valentine Foundation for production of the 12-episode series. It was developed during Ark Republic’s time as a cohort member of the Philadelphia Media Founders Exchange, a program designed at the Lenfest Journalism Institute. The podcast is also sponsored by Love Now Media. Being Beloved podcast is designed to empower women living in the Philadelphia area, and inspiring women experiencing reintegration all over the world.

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