Being Beloved Ep. 5 ‘I Love Your Smile’ Recovering from abuse and jail, Najah Beckett thrives

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Najah Beckett left school and her dreams of being a pediatrician to quench her yearning to be loved. What she found was years of abuse and homelessness in Philadelphia, which resulted in incarceration.

In this episode of Being Beloved, Dr. Rolanda West speaks with Beckett on how a series of relationships became toxic and abusive; and how she left and began to work on thriving in the midst of many obstacles. Najah represents thousands of women who experienced ongoing domestic violence, or intimate-partner violence before and after incarceration. A report by the prison policy initiative says that women are more likely to enter prison with a history of abuse, trauma, and issues with mental health.

What jail showed her was just how exploitative the system can be to people who are locked up; and the things people will do to navigate the inhuman conditions while inside. While in re-entry, she continues to heal as a survivor. Now with a young daughter, Najah strives to be the healthy parent she never had, and heal from her own trauma.

Dr. Spencer is a justice studies professor and re-entry scholar.

The Being Beloved podcast is a series dedicated to telling the lives of formerly incarcerated women with dignity and integrity. The host is Dr. Rolanda JW Spencer. The producer and editor is Dr. Kaia Niambi Shivers.


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