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Tis the holiday season, there’s still time to find love . . . self-love that is

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You’ve spent the majority of the year scoring, but not winning in love. Now you have no one to take to your annual office Christmas party. Here are Ark Republic’s dos-and-don’ts of finding a wintertime snuggle partner.

It’s that time of year again. You know the one where the same old, regularly scheduled, cheap Christmas movies with predictable romantic faux pas play nonstop? Despite their modest budget, they undoubtedly have the power to inspire you to experience love the same way. Or are these movies figments of the imagination? What is true, your plus-one for the holiday parties has yet to manifest.

All year, you tried all types of courtship: online dating, blind dates, social meet ups, friend and family pairing, and even matchmaking. You question how you got to be in this situation once more—that is, without a date for your yearly office holiday party. Before, you might have huffed and puffed with anxiety, but this year is different. Eff what they say at a party, or even who you bring, as long as you bring your whole, healthy, gorgeous self.

The key to finding a date for your annual Christmas party is avoiding falling into the slump of heartbreak altogether, even if your “mom is your plus one to everything.” Cliché right? But we here at Ark Republic cannot stress enough the importance of returning to the activities that brought you joy before meeting your current heartthrob. 

After all, it was your outgoing ways and sense of humor that attracted him to you in the first place, right? So don’t stop living. There are a plethora of holiday events to choose from to meet someone. Rent a party bus, engage in some bar-hopping, and participate in a local holiday karaoke night. 

No matter where you will be spending the holiday this year, it’s never too late to start some new holiday traditions with your friends. The sky’s the limit.

Keep your body snatched throughout the holiday season

It’s sort of an unspoken rule to ditch your workout program during the holiday season and pick it back up after the new year. But just think, you can finally have the gym to yourself as it will more than likely be empty this time of year. Plus, did you know that exercise relieves stress and helps to release endorphin hormones into your body?

By definition, endorphins are natural pain relievers that your body produces in response to stress and pain.  Let’s face it, the way your heartache is set up, you can’t get enough of those because they boost your body’s mood.

“I get stressed out if I eat too many sweets during the holidays, so exercising makes me feel more balanced, said Director of Marketing & Communication, Social Content Strategy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Ashley Macha.

Veritably, eating unhealthy foods and neglecting to work can cloud your judgment. Exercise also increases the body’s ability to produce dopamine. This neurotransmitter is critical in regulating motivation, memory, reward, and attention, while serotonin affects mood, emotion, sleep, and appetite. So keep your body tight.

Obey your gut

In the words of the meme circulating the internet, “My gut ain’t never wrong…Might hang over my pants a lil’ bit, but she woke.” Indeed, your gut nudged you for a reason. It would be foolish to ignore it by second-guessing your original decision and taking your previous flame to the office Christmas party. Therefore, what you don’t want to do is lower your standards for a temporary, short-lived holiday season. 

Even with your previous love interest taking you through the wringer with all of their petty behavior, such as deleting you on social media and guilt-tripping you for choosing to obey your gut, it’s important not to make permanent decisions based upon temporary circumstances.

Remarkably, Love Panky, the guide to better love and relationships, asserts that petty people are a little cunning in the way they employ their pettiness. They are excellent at playing the victim, so it can be easily concealed. In fact, they frequently play the blame game and assign guilt to you even when they are at fault. At best, this behavior is manipulative and toxic. If you’re tempted to retract your decision, don’t forget that, your old lover who is petty by nature will stop at nothing to achieve his goals in any circumstance.

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Irrespective of all of this, keep in mind that the holidays are a fleeting two-month period and this too shall pass. Felicitously, you made it through. Regardless of the insurmountable odds that were stacked against you, you actually found a pretty decent holiday beau. You even managed to snag a few holiday photos at your office Christmas party with your new love to show off on the gram. 

Now that you’ve moved on, you ultimately realize that you’ve dodged a bullet this year. Truth be told, the handwriting was always on the wall and you can now relish in the fact that your gut feeling was on point from the beginning. Happy holidays from all of us at Ark Republic.

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