Intermezzo Podcast: Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu

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In our fifth installment of the Intermezzo Podcast by creator, Amanda Agyei, she interviews Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu.

Italian born and of Uganda roots, Ian Elly Ssali Kiggundu is a classically trained pianist who brings the joys of piano to an array of different audiences, his influences range from Beethoven to Malcolm X. Born and raised in Rome, he has carved out a specific lane for himself—he teaches Piano, English, culture and performs internationally. He has also found the time to study Law and lobby the Italian government for rights of second Generation Italians. As well, the virtuoso just finished interning at the Director General’s Cabinet within the Director General’s Services at the European Space Agency. In this interview, Amanda Agyei weaves an intricate conversation that captures the complex and brilliant tapestry of Kiggundu’s perspective and work. The Intermezzo Podcast explores the experiences of the various diasporic communities living in Europe.

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