Intermezzo Podcast: From Italy to Ethiopia, Avex the MC blesses the mic

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The latest in our Intermezzo Podcast is Avex the MC. A multilinguist and master of morphing his accent, Avex has been rapping since his teens.

Born in Italy and raised in Ethiopia, he has been making his unique presence felt in the Italian rap scene for the past 6 years, losing count of the amount of stages he has performed on. He raps fluently in Amharic, Italian and English. His uniqueness of perspective and rap style may be influenced by living between two vastly different worlds and expectations in Ethiopia, and his early and deep connection to Black American culture.

The Intermezzo Podcast is a creation of Amanda Agyei, a Black British artist and fine arts scholar of Ghanaian descent who has lived between the U.K. and Italy. She uses her experience to gather the rich experiences of diasporic communities in Europe. Exploring migration stories, language, culture, advocacy, art and culture, she weaves an innovative narrative for audiences across the pond.

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