EXCLUSIVE: Ranchers Courtney and Nicole Mallery one year after racism in rural Colorado went viral

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Black ranchers were in the fight of their lives—they were about to lose their 1,000 acres ranch and their freedom. They fought back and a collective of farmers, veterans, ranchers and citizens who were exhausted by attacks on Black people responded. A year later, Courtney and Nicole Mallery say the hardest part might be over, but the daily struggle and injustices continue because they outed a racist, violent culture in rural Colorado.

Police surveillance, police harassment, community attacks, resources stolen, animals killed, animals stolen, property set afire, chased on their land, and finally arrests were some of the grave assaults alleged by Courtney and Nicole Mallery. For two years they endured a barrage of white domestic terrorism that almost caused the Black ranchers to lose their 1,000 acre Freedom Acres Ranch in Yoder, Colorado.

Ark Republic broke their story in January 2023, which ended up going viral with coverage as far as Europe. The public response placed pressure on officials to investigate and prosecute the wrong-doings of what the couple allege were law enforcement and townspeople attempting to drive them out using ongoing nefarious tactics. Over a year later, the Mallery’s remain steadfast on their land, but detail the continuous journey as they are now back in business in selling the food from their operation, and participating in a number of food programs, and programs for veterans. Click here for the Ark Republic News Podcast on Freedom Acres Ranch

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