Tomia McQueen of Wildflower Farm NJ takes Black Famer Index on a tour of her New Jersey organic farm. She raises a number of animals and has an herb and produce garden. Photo credit: Kaia Shivers/Ark Republic

Ark Republic’s Ultimate Guide to Black farmers selling beef, poultry, pork, goat, lamb and seafood

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From pasture-raised beef cattle to free range chickens to fresh caught fish, our annual ultimate guide prepares foodies for a summer of delicious local cuts of the highest quality of meats, fish, pork and poultry.

Juneteenth marks the beginning of warm weather and outdoor gatherings where grilling and barbecuing is a cherished culinary choice. So whose meat will you use on the grill? This is where Ark Republic and Black Farmers Index enter into your planning for our annual Ultimate *Guide to Black Farmers’ Beef, Poultry, Pork, Goat, Lamb and Seafood

This list started during the pandemic when food shortages resulted in work stoppages and skyrocketing food prices. Plus, people reported subpar food in grocery stores. So we collaborated with Black Farmers Index for their recommendations of ranchers and farmers who raise and sell the best cuts of meat. So popular, the list is a must-use staple for those who want to support Black farmers and diversify their food supply.

On the list, you will see that many offer pasture-raised, grass-fed, non-hormone, and free range animals to produce the highest quality of proteins. On Wildflower Farm NJ, farmer Tomia McQueen’s meticulously raised chickens and lamb are fed a corn-and-soy free feed she produces. One of her methods is to pack in fresh ingredients to boost the mineral and vitamin-intake for her yard birds. 

Renard and Chinette Turner of Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet in Gordonsville, Virginia have been using regenerative, conservation and organic practices for their popular goat meat. Using myotonic meat goats, and their own breed called Bangus, they also sell their line of popular goat burgers, goat kabobs and curry goat.Included in our list are organic growers such as Hilery Gobert of Driftwood Farm, who sells eggs that are fresh from his chickens as well as poultry and beef cattle using organic growing methods. When he explained the quality of meat straight-from-the-farm he says, “It’s the care that you give the animal. If it’s grass-fed beef, there is a different taste than the stock-fed beef [cattle] that’s given corn.”

The farmer whose estate is in Iowa, Louisiana adds, “Our chickens are free range and because they are able to eat all the insects, which is what chickens do, the taste is different.” But, Gobert admits, “Some people say they don’t like country chickens because they’ve eaten store-bought chicken their whole lives. It is just a different quality of meat. The eggs are the same way. You can actually see the difference in color.”

Plus, in our guide, we added fisherfolk who catch and raise seafood from oysters to catfish. As well, you will be able to tap into some women farmers and family farmers too.

Another boost to Black farmers is that there is a growing number who have added shipping to their operations, which gives consumers more options to purchase. Places like Freedom Acres Ranch, Apex Seafood, Dollison Farms and Briarwood Cattle Farm provide shipping throughout the U.S. Other farms, such as Ridall Green Partnership in Cleveland, sell tilapia from their fish farm, and also cook it every Friday in their restaurant.

The 2024 list has additions and some farms that have either shuttered their operations or postponed a growing season. Because small farms are labor-intensive and costly, this happens throughout the agricultural community. Nonetheless, there is still an impressive list of over 100 farmers that you can tap into. If you want a more comprehensive list, go to Black Farmers Index where they have over 1,300 farmers lists. We hope that you can locate someone in your area that can amplify your growing season and recycle money back into communities that are the backbone of the country’s agricultural system.


3D Farms | Headland, AL | Grows and sells peas, squash, tomatoes, corn, okra, butterbeans, cucumbers, collards, turnips, mustards, kale, cauliflower, broccoli | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 334-618-9184 or 334-618-9183 

Huckleberry Hills Farm formerly known as Gardens of Huckleberry Hill  | Alpine, AL | Raises and sells Kiko-Boer goats for meat, Katahdin sheep, organic vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and value added products | Facebook |  

Knox Gardens | Citronelle, AL | Raises and sells poultry eggs | Instagram

Mack Haymaker Cattle Co. | Auburn, AL | Raises and sells beef cattle | Facebook | Tel. 706-461-8688

S&B Farm | Eufaula, AL | Raises and sells livestock production such as chickens, goats, turkeys, hogs, ducks, rabbits, and beef cattle; Grows and sells organic vegetables | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Youtube | Email: | Tel. 706-473-2865 


Coal Oil Trading Company | Specializes in goat meat and sheep production; Offers live animals for slaughter | 
Arkansas City, AR | Email:


Nova Farming | Fresno, CA | Raises and sells all-natural beef | Website + Instagram + Linkedin |

Sweeting Ranch | Loyalton, CA | Farms vegetables and raises cattle, lamb and chickens for eggs | Facebook + Instagram  | Email: | Tel. 530-927-7625


DP Ranch 11 | Calhan, CO | Raises poultry, farm fresh eggs, herbs, and seasonal grown produce | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 719-800-3280

Freedom Acres Ranch | Yoder, CO | Raises and sells pasture-raised cattle beef, turkey, chicken, pork and lamb | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter + Youtube | Email:

M.A.S. Family Farm | Canon City, CO | Breeds show quality Boer goats for 4-H FFA and ABGA | Facebook | Tel. 719-782-8200


Huck and Buck Farm | Smyrna, DE | Grows and sells seasonal fruits and vegetables; Raises and sells chickens, pigs and cattle |  Website + Facebook  | Email: | Tel. 302-354-4271


DorRay Ranch | Webster, FL | Offers cattle grazing, hay and raises Angus cattle for beef sales | Facebook | Email: | Tel.  253-302-2027

Mack’s Farm | Davie, FL | Grows and sells vegetables, fruits, goat meat, eggs and herbs using organic methods | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 754-551-0766

Natural Ways Farm | Venus, FL | Facebook + Linkedin | Employs sustainable, environmental preservationist practices to raise and sell produce and beef cattle | Tel. 347-304-9290 | Email: 


3Ts Farm | Lincolnton, GA | A protein farm raising and selling hogs, pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and goats | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 703-232-4016 | Email:

Berry Family Farms | Tattnall/Long County, GA. | Raises and sells beef Cattle, produce, square and round bales hay using natural farming methods | Instagram

Blackyard Chickenz | Austell, GA | Raises and sells healthy, non GMO, free range eggs | Website + Instagram + Tik Tok | Email: or 

Bugg Family Farm | Pine Mountain, GA | Grows and sells fruits, vegetables, and herbs; raises chickens for poultry; makes flower wreaths; delivery and pick up are available | Website + Facebook | Tel. 540-845-4941

Caribe United Farm | Crawford, GA | Produces farm fresh, organic eggs; Raises and sells pigs, chickens (pasture-raised), ducks, turkeys and guinea fowl; Caribbean beef cattle products from a partner farm | Website + Facebook

Dollison Farm | Poulan, GA (South Georgia) | Provides fresh produce and swine | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 229-646-0778

High Hog Farm | Grayson, GA | Sells herbs, fruits, vegetables, poultry and pork; sheep and Lamancha goats for goat milk soap | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 770-515-9188

Howard Family Farm | Atlanta, GA | Grows and sells ethnic vegetables, nuts and a range of condiments such as rib/pork seasoning blend, pepper sauce and BBQ sauce | Instagram | Tel. 404-290-9928

Jones Cattle Company | Atlanta Metro Area, GA | Raises cattle and hogs to sell beef and pork | Instagram | Email: | Phone: 470-829-7080

H.K. Farm | Tattnall County, GA | Raises livestock and sells fresh free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, seasonal farm-grown fruits and vegetables| Website + Instagram + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 912-684-3532 

Mecca Halal Farms | Atlanta Metro Area, GA | Raises and sells cows and lamb to serve Halal and Zabihah meat; grows and sells produce | Website

Mosley Farms Pastured Pork | Savannah, GA |  Raises all natural pasture pork, and no antibiotics | Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 912-425-5893

Muhammad Ranch & Farms | Cochran, GA | Raises and sells lamb and goat meat | Facebook | Email:

Robinson Farms | Baconton, GA | Harvests and sells chickens for eggs and poultry; produces and sells fruits and vegetables;  | Email: | Tel. 808-738-7906

RobinsonHouse Farms | Truetlon County, GA | Raises and sells processed and unprocessed adult Spanish and Kiko goat meat | Website | Email:

Strickland Heritage Farms | Crawford, GA | Raises and sells beef cattle, fruits, and vegetables from Georgia and Florida; and sells Christmas trees during the winter holiday season | Instagram 1 + Instagram 2 + Linkedin 

Swanson Family Farm | Hampton, GA | Cattle farming; sells high quality beef, lamb, goat and pork; has a distribution channel to Philadelphia | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 404-358-8132

Twin Oaks Farms | Georgia | Raises chickens and sells eggs | Website + Instagram + TikTok + Youtube 

Unity Family Farm | Gibson, GA | Raises and sells sheep and chickens | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 434-989-5184 

Urban Grange Farm | Hephzibah, GA | Provides quality pork, chicken, eggs and produce grown using organic methods | Website + Facebook | Tel. 706-223-0494 


Ever Favor Farms | Woodstock, IL | Raises and sells pasture-raised, organic and antibiotic-free chickens and turkeys using non-goo feed | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 312-933-401


3 Flock Farm | Elletsville, IN | Cultivates and sells grass fed lamb, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and blueberries | Facebook | Email:


Action Jackson Farms | Slavisa, KY | Facebook | Tel. (859) 325-8476

Cleav’s Family Market Farm | Bonnieville, KY | Raises hogs, cattle and chickens using natural and humane methods to sell at beef, pork and poultry products in meat bundles: Grows and sells vegetables | Website + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 270-763-7071 or 270-307-0240


Encalde Fisheries | Oyster farming| Pointe à La Hache, LA | Email: Tel. 504-236-1527

Flying Eagle Ranch | Keithville, LA | Raises cattle, chickens, hogs; cuts and bundles hay | Tel. 318-925-2342

De La Terre Permaculture Farm | Campti, LA | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 318-663-1698 

Muse 3 Farm | Greensburg, LA | Raises and sells Angus steers, lamb, goats, turkeys and chickens and offers farm tours | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel: 770-231-9417 or 770-633-0861 

Ol Crock Farms | Zachary, LA | Sells meat from goats and sells Kiko and Spanish goats | Email: | Tel. 225-955-1175

Ole Mack Ronald Farms | Des Allemands, LA | Raises and sells pasteurized poultry, grass-fed sheep and goats; grows and sells micro-greens and other fresh produce; collaborates with local chefs for farm-to-table nights and schools for farm workshops | Website + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 504-390-8198

Roque Brothers Farm | Natchez, LA | Raises and sells beef cattle and hay; sells meat pies from cattle | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 1-800- 318-7135

Willby’s Catfish | New Orleans, LA | Farms and sells fresh and fried catfish | Instagram | Email: willibyscatfish | Tel. 504-354-9371


804 Cattle Company | Upper Marlboro, MD | Raises and sells beef cattle | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Email: | Tel. 301-579-3698

Abundant Life Market | Davidsonville, MD | Grows and sells vegetables and fruit; Raises and sells poultry, dairy, eggs, cattle and beef and turkey | Website + Facebook | Email: or | Tel. 240-604-0164

Cure More Farms | Upper Marlboro, MD | Grows and sells vegetables; Raises chickens to sell eggs; Harvests honey | Instagram

Dodo Farms | Brookeville, MD | A certified naturally grown farm, that makes fresh, natural and local food easy and convenient for you to access; Raises chickens and turkey for pasture-raised fresh eggs using non-gmo feed | Website + Instagram + Facebook

Handmade on the Homestead | Varina, VA | Grows or raises vegetables, herbs, flowers and chickens for fresh eggs to sell at farmstead | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Instagram 2 | Email: | Tel. 804-362-7874 or 443-956- 2545

RT Williams Seafood, Corp. | Chesapeake Bay, MD | Operates a massive network of Maryland distributor, caterer, harvester, processor, marketer, and retailer of Chesapeake Bay harvested seafood, produce, poultry and meats; Delivers and sells via its pop up market, roadside stands and mobile trucks | Website | Email: | Tel. 410-259-5902

Windy Willow Farm | Sunderland, MD | Raises and sells beef cattle, poultry, pork, eggs and jams | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 301-928-6781


Agape Organic Farms | Dansville, MI | Raises and sells grass fed, pasture-raised meat (beef cattle and pork) , mushrooms and microgreens | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 517-604-0739

Brother Nature Farms | Detroit, MI | Grows and sells herbs salad mix and herbs; and at times duck and chicken eggs in a chemical-free environment | Website + Facebook 


North Lakes Farm | Brainerd, MN | Raises mangalitsa pork, pastured poultry and free range laying hens; Grows and sells heirloom tomatoes, kale, collard greens, garlic, broccoli, squash and pumpkins | Website + Facebook + Linkedin + Youtube | Email: | Tel. 218-656-0496


AM-PM Vegetable and Beef Farm | Winston County, MS | Raises and grows squash, cucumbers, purple hulled peas, butterbeans, watermelons, cabbage, tomatoes, string beans, okra and corn; and beef cattle | Tel. 662-705-1257

Fletcher First Fruit Farms | Byhalia, MS | Harvests and offers offer fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, livestock and fishing services | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 901-281-7021

Lazy T Cattle Company | Collins, MS | Raises heifers and sells bulls; does deer, turkey and dove hunting | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 601-698-4844 

Jubilee Ranch | Jackson, MS | Raises and sells cattle, hogs, goats and several crops: cotton, soybeans, corn | 601-982-8467 ext. 138

Lovett Family Farm | Heidelberg, MS | Operates a poultry, forestry and beef cattle farm | Tel. 601-787-3747

RD & S Farms | Brandon, MS | Produces/raises and sells fruit, nuts, herbs, vegetables, lamb, chickens and rabbits  | Website + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 601-955-0339

Scott Fish Farm | Itta Bena, MS | Raises and sells catfish and shellfish | 662-299-0508 or 662-254-7849

Shintri Hathorn Farm | Winston County, MS | Cattle farmer | Raises and sells beef cattle and milk | 601-810-0824 or 662-834-4686 


Shire’s Gate | Owensville, MO | Raises cattle and hens for beef and eggs | Website | Email:


Smith Poultry | Williamstown, NJ | Produces and sells pasture-raised beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and meat products such as sausages and chops | Website + Instagram | Facebook | Tel. 609-513-5186

Wildflower Farm | Pennington, NJ | Raises and sells poultry, lamb, heritage crops and seeds using organic growing methods | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Email: |  609-737-3746


Lomar Farms | Palisades, NY | Harvests honey from their apiary for bee-based body products; raises chickens for fresh eggs; grows a selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs that we plan on supplying co-ops and local restaurants | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Email: | Tel. 917-825-3234

Van Noble Farm | Trumansburg, NY | Raises and sells pigs and butchered pork using a pasture-based system with a non-GMO method; also offers catering | new york Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. (607) 319-6815

Triple J Farm | Windsor, NY | Raises chickens to provide fresh, free range eggs; also sells freshly-tapped maple syrup | Website + Instagram | Email:


AA Therapeutic Solutions | Charlotte, NC | Grows and sells produce, herbs, eggs and broiler chickens; provides occupational therapy-based services, stroke rehabilitation, animal interventions and other services | Website + Instagram | Tel. 704-562-2505

Apex Seafood | Apex, NC | Catches and sells fish and crustacean off the coast of North Carolina | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 919-701-8657

Briarwood Cattle Farm | Red Springs, NC | Raises cattle and sells beef; raises grass fed beef the traditional way; pasteurized chickens; fresh eggs. Our beef, chicken, and pork is all vacuumed packed for longer freezer life; and delivers to your front door in North Carolina | Youtube + Facebook + Twitter + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 910-359-1980

Deep Roots CPS | Charlotte, NC | Harvests and sells seasonal vegetables and fruits, heritage crops; and raises chickens using organic growing methods | Website + Facebook | Tel. 704-287-7774

Delmar Farm Inc. | Halifax County, NC | Raises and sells livestock for grass-fed beef; Practices forestry to sell timber; Grows and sells produce with some ethnic produce | Website + Facebook | Tel.  252-592-1266

Grass Grazed | Durham, NC | Raises grass-grazed hens, pigs and beef cattle that are free of genetically modified organisms | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Youtube | Email: | Tel. 919-438-1184

Humble Holistic Farm | Charlotte, NC Metro | Raises and sells heritage breed pork with pigs raised on a vegetarian based diet without hormones and kept in the woods | Website | Email:

Southern Breeze Seafood | Jacksonville, NC | Fishes and sells fish and shrimp, as well as sells the catch of other fisherfolk | Instagram | Email: | Phone: 910-430-4289

Jireh Family Farm | Durham, NC | Raises free range chickens, pigs and cattle for natural, free range chickens, eggs, permaculture pork, and pastured Angus beef | Website + Instagram | Tel.  919-627-1690

Lyons and Wade Family Farm | Raeford, NC | Raises chickens for eggs; Raises organic turkey for meat; Grows and sells seasonal fruits and vegetables; harvests honey; makes jelly and jams | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 910-875-7347

Old 30 Dirty Family Farm | Jacksonville, NC | Raise and sell chickens and eggs; Harvests and sells seedlings, microgreens and vegetable grow bags; Supplies and sells fresh local seafood and beef from local farmers: Offers educational workshops and “Old Ways Heritage” cooking Classes | Facebook | Email:

Sunrising Farms | North Carolina | Raises and sells chicken, turkey, eggs and pork | Website + Instagram + TikTok

The Cottens at Perry-winkle Farm | Chatham County, NC | Grows and sells flowers, vegetables and eggs from pasture-raised chickens | Instagram

Thompson’s Prawn Farm | Orange County, NC | Harvests and sells prawns | Website | Email: | Tel. 919.563.3220


Davies Family Farm | Georgetown, OH | Raises grassfed cattle and free range chickens to sell beef and eggs; grows and sells vegetables | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 513-394-6827

Rid-All Green Initiatives  | Cleveland, OH | Urban farm and fishery offering class and produce | Website + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 216-307-4069


Burkhalter Cow and Calf | Checotah, OK | Raising Angus cattle for feeder marketing and selling beef by whole, by the half and by the cut | Website + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 918-360-1108

Georgia Line Ranch | Bristow, OK | Raising pure grain, free range, hormone free grass fed cattle for the sale of beef; process wild game mainly deer | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: or | Tel. 918-927-2723


Lane Creek Reserve | Central Point, OR | Raises and sells pasture-raised pork, beef, poultry and eggs using organic and sustainable methods | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Linkedin | Email:

Rainshadow Organics | Sisters, OR  | Grows and sells a large assortment of season vegetables, veggies, herbs, greens and grains; Raises and sells pigs, turkeys and cattle for meat sells | Website + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 541-977-6746


Oasis Farm & Fishery | Pittsburgh, PA |  Grows and sells produce and provides urban farming education | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Tel. 412-242-4920 | Email:

Pearberry Farm | Phoenixville (Chester County), PA | Raises and harvests chicken, quail, and duck eggs; handmakes soaps, candles, sundries and seasonal confections. | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 610-680-8476


Hacienda de la Fé | Naguabo, Puerto Rico | Organic tropical fruit and vegetables and raise grass-fed beef | Instagram


A & A Farms and Hauling | Chester, SC | Raises and sells, free-ranging, grass-fed and grass finished angus beef calves | Website | Email: | Tel. 202-486-3825

Bradley Seafood Market | St. Helena, SC | Catches and sells fresh shrimp | Tel. 843-838-2924

Brigmon Farms | Cottageville, SC |  Raises and sell poultry, eggs, Berkshire pork, and handmade churned butters | Email:

Brown’s Oyster Supply | Charleston, SC | Catches and sells oysters | Facebook + Instagram | Email: 843-513-2499

Morning Glory Homestead Farm | St. Helena Island, SC  | Grows and sells vegetables including greens, beans, mushrooms and herbs; raises chickens, pigs and ducks for poultry and eggs; Collects and sells seeds | Website + Instagram + Facebook + Twitter |  Email: | Tel. 843-812-0344

Peculiar Pig Farm | Summerville, SC | Raises and sells pigs and pork products such as sausage | Facebook + Instagram | Email: Tel. 843-513-0351

Set in Stone Sustainability Farm | Jenkinsville, SC | A sustainability farm that raises hogs for pork products | Facebook | Email:


Heniscity Farm | Pegram, TN | raises NPIP clean heritage free-range livestock poultry for eggs/meat and is a licensed industrial hemp growing site | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 423-291-7001

Good Drugs Farm | Nashville, TN | Raises a breed stock Kiko goats and Akbash livestock guardian dogs; Grows a variety of heritage apples | Website + Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Youtube | Email:

Miller Farm | Burlison,TN | Raises and sells beef and beef cattle as a certified beef master producer | Instagram 


Akachi Ranch | Merlens, TX | Akachi Ranch is a small family owned business specializing in coastal hay, fish, produce, poultry, eggs and raw honey. | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 682-730-0460

Capt. Sin’s Wholesale Seafood | Houston, TX |  Provides and delivers freshest quality, locally sourced seafood to include live Louisiana crawfish, fresh Gulf shrimp and crab; Provides boating services for freshwater fishing | Website + Website 2 + Facebook + Instagram | Tel. 281-725-8399

Crimson Farm |  Kaufman, TX | Specializes in raising grass fed goats, cows,pigs and sheep. Free range chickens, guineas, quail , geese and ducks. We sell organic chicken, quail and duck fresh eggs. | Facebook + Instagram | Email:

Haidek Farm | Quitman, TX | Raises cattle and hogs to sell grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic beef and pork | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 972-333-4698  

Wolf Lake Farm | Pinto, TX | Raises cattle and sells beef; harvests and sells hot peppers, eggplant, bell peppers and okra, tomatoes; beekeeper | Instagram

S3 Legacy Ranch | Luling Caldwell County, TX | Raises and sells fresh beef meats and organic, fresh free range eggs; poultry coming soon; grows and sells vegetables | Facebook + Instagram

Seventy-Four Ranch | Raises and sells beef cattle (Hereford and Angus)| Pilot Point, TX | Facebook | Email: |  Tel. 214-457-2742

Taylor Stevenson Ranch | Houston, TX | Taylor Stevenson Ranch is a family-owned designated Century Ranch raising pasture and grain-fed pigs and cattle for high-quality meat available for delivery through their company, Taylor Stevenson Ranch Meat Co. | Website | Email: | Tel. 346-330-1144

Wright Ranch Enterprises | Marlin, TX | Raises cattle and chickens for beef and eggs; produces their own coastal Bermuda hay | 254-804-9974


Sejah Farm | St. Croix USVI | Grazes sheep and goats; produces vegetables; and, raises chicken for eggs and poultry production | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 340-277-6046

Wendell Cox | Frederiksted St. Croix, USVI | Raises fresh, local, hormone-free chickens and turkeys for poultry and eggs in his operation at the Community Gardens at Estate Lower Love | Collective Farmer Info


Acres of Destiny | Dinwiddie, VA | Specializes in seasonal produce, poultry, pig, mini donkey, emu, alpaca, livestock, guardian dogs, eggs, herbs. | Website + Facebook | Tel. 443-866-1345 |

Cattle Run Farm | Ruckersville, VA | Raises and sells beef cattle, poultry, eggs, blueberries, sweet potato and corn | Facebook + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 915-408-8136

Fitrah Farms | Central VA | Raises and sells organic, pasture raised chickens that are hand-slaughtered halal; CSA subscription boxes and bulk orders available | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Tel. 540-360-0789 |

Hidden Gems Farm | Centreville, VA | Raises goats and chickens for milk and fresh eggs while making artisanal herbal butter; Grows a variety of vegetables and even herbs to complement products | Website + Instagram + | Email: | Tel. 571-320-1479

Mystic Pine Farm | Altavista, VA | Raising and selling chicken and duck eggs; Processes whole chickens and baked goods including cakes, pies and doughnuts using their farm fresh eggs | Website + Instagram | Email: | Tel. 434-219-4009

Peaceful Acres Organic Free Range Farm | Brandywine, MA | Raises and sells free range poultry and eggs | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 202-528-0498

Rose Hill Farm | Gloucester, VA | uses farm harvest to create natural and handmade products; raises chicken, goat, pork to sell meat; Opens farm for its pumpkin patch in the fall | Facebook | Email: | Tel. 240-398-3645

Salt and Pepper Farm | Fluvanna, VA | Raises and harvests woodlot pork, raw honey, pasture-raised chickens and eggs  | Website + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 804-393-9395

T & K Farm | Ashland, VA | Raises and sells pigs for pork | 804-912-0049

Vanguard Ranch | Gordonsville, VA | A diversified farm business raising goats and growing organic, heirloom vegetables; raise specialty vegetables and herbs currently focusing on a taste of Africa, and all produce is Certified Naturally Grown | Website + Facebook | Email: | Tel. 540-967-9706


Chestnut Hill Garlic | East Olympia, WA | Grows and sells gourmet garlic; breeds and raises boer meat goats Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: 


Heritage Mountain Farms | WV | Harvests and sells raw, wild honey; grows and sells berries; and provides beekeeping services | Email: | Tel. 304-320-6323

T&T Organics | Valls Creek, WV | Educational farm that raises, researches and sells poultry, eggs and seasonal produce | Facebook | Email:


Ironhouse Homestead | Blanchester, OH | Raises alpacas and angora goats and sells their luxurious fiber and products made from them; harvests and sells honey; raises chickens, guineas and ducks | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email:

Loveland Acres | Wisconsin | Raises beef cattle, chicken and goats for milk, meats and eggs, and is expanding operation | Website + Instagram 

*Guide’s Note: Black Farmers Index. The farms they list are at least 30 percent Black-owned. This was done to take into account that businesses and family farms are multi-racial enterprises. Also, please note that farms sometimes skip seasons in selling or shutter. Also farmers change their production and what they raise. That is the nature of small farming, but please do not be discouraged. We hope this encourages you to seek out a Black farmer to purchase your food. Since we annually put out lists, we only update our yearly list of farms.

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