Mis-education of Juneteenth. People really got Black Independence Day wrong

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When Juneteenth passed as a federal holiday, many people saw it as a political token to mitigate the very real frustrations in a post-George Floyd climate. It is so much more and many missed its significance.

Juneteenth was made a federal holiday in 2021, but received harsh criticisms. Several years later, as more Juneteenth celebrations emerge, Dr. Sherice Janaye and Dr. Kaia Niambi Shivers talk about the holiday, and how unlike many Black-centered observations were lost in the years of Black folk fighting to survive after the Emancipation.

Juneteenth is an American holiday marking the work of many Black folk who pushed for the end of slavery, and in a post-Emancipation world, worked to weave themselves, families and communities back together.

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