Black Panther Study Packet

The Black Panther Marvel Comic movie released February 16, 2017. The response of the movie has sparked so much dialogue about the current state and future of people of African descent.

What has unfolded is that many people still remain unaware of where the idea of the Black Panther derives. And more so, the tons of information regarding black people, African people and its diaspora. In order to continue with the growth, we at Ark Republic launched a study packet which is a collection of resources for you to use and expand upon.

Here, births a study packet for educators, self-taught folk, artists, activists, resisters and dreamers.

This packet is a study guide to help build materials for people wanting to learn about the origins of the Black Panther, how the concept extended, as well as, ideas around the Black Panther movie.

This is a living, breathing study packet built by the people, for the people. All submissions that add to our building knowledge of understanding that Wakanda is rooted in a living-breathing past, and many Afro-futuristic possibilities.

To add to this packet, please email all materials and suggestions to the following:

Table of Contents

  1. The Original Black Panther Party, Lowndes County Alabama
  2. The Black Panther Party for Self Defense
  3. Revolutions & Uprisings
  4. Revolutionaries
  5. African/Diaspora Civilizations
  6. African Rulers
  7. African/Diaspora Women Warriors
  8. Black Power Movements
  9. Pan-Africanism
  10. Black Superheroes
  11. African American Cinema
  12. Caribbean Cinema
  13. African Cinema
  14. Africans in the Americas
  15. Africans in Europe
  16. Africans in Asia, the Pacific Islands & the Middle East
  17. Self-sustained Black communities in the Diaspora
  18. Black Banks
  19. Economics
  20. Strategy
  21. Spirituality
  22. Afro-futurism
  23. Black Aesthetic
  24. Black Theory
  25. Health & Wellness
  26. Politics & Policy
  27. Relationships

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