FARMER’S REGIONS: These regions have been informed by the 2011 US Department of Labor’s division of regions.

Criteria for the Farmer’s Index: 1. Owns 30 percent to 100 percent of the farm or business. 2. Grows, keeps, or harvests at least one crop or food source. 3. Sells their crops directly to the public or participates in a coop or farm share program. Those farms with a (*) sign before their name, focuses on education, empowerment and trainings rather than selling crops, but are important in efforts to keep Blacks as a visible part of US farming.

How to navigate: This index is multiple pages. Scroll down to click to the next page.

Contributors to the Farmer’s Index: Jules Brown, Jr. (intern); Duane Reed (currency reporter); Ayanna Shivers, MPH and researcher; and Kaia N. Shivers, Ph.D. (editor-in-chief).

REGION 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut


New England Sweetwater Farm and Distillery | Winchester, NH | Runs a Ground to glass distillery where the owner converted the family farm to a boutique spirits company | Website  + Instagram + Twitter + Youtube + Vimeo | Email: [email protected]om | Tel. (603) 852-8356


Clemmons Family Farm | Charlotte, VT | Blends farming with the arts, the sciences, and opportunities to learn and share across religions, cultures and experiences with the local community | Website + Facebook + Youtube

Rockbottom Farm – Strafford Organic Creamery | Strafford, VT | Dairy farming | Website + Facebook

Zafa Wines | Burlington, VT | Farms and forages fruit to create “fucking fermented juice” from responsible farmers using a biodynamic methods | Website + Facebook + Instagram


Agric Organics Urban Farming | Springfield, MA | Grows and sells microgreens, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, beets and more | Website + Facebook + Instagram

Urban Farming Institute of Boston | Mattapan, MA | Develops and promotes urban farming to engage individuals in growing food and building a healthy community.  | Website + Facebook | Email: [email protected] | Tel.  617-989-9920


Quaintly Farm | Providence, RI | grow local seasonal crops like veggies, herbs and some fruits | Website + Facebook + Instagram


Park City Harvest | Bridgeport, CT | Grows and sells produce in local markets | Instagram

Root Life | New Haven, CT | Organic produce and body products | Website + Instagram + Youtube

REGION 2: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware


Essex Micro Farm | Montclair, NJ | Grows and sells herbs and vegetables | Instagram | Email: Email: [email protected]

Free Haven Farms | Lawnside, NJ |  Provides our community with the highest quality, freshest produce; offers gardening services, soil testing, a summer youth camp; and yoga and fitness classes | Website + Facebook | Email: [email protected] | Tel. 609-332-4892

Hawk Mountain Earth Center | Newark, NJ | Grows herbs, produce and strawberries; focuses on offering educational workshops | Website | Email: [email protected] | Tel. 908-577-4550

Hyah Heights | Newark, NJ | Grows mushrooms | Facebook + Instagram

Jerzey Buzz | Newark, NJ | Urban beekeeping; sells honey and products made from bee production | Website + Facebook

N.I.C.E Enterprises | East Orange, NJ | Provides beekeeping services that sell local, raw honey | Facebook | Tel. 973-913-4507

Morris Gbolo’s World Crop Farms | Vineland, NJ | Specializes in growing and selling African diaspora crops | Website | Tel. 609-289-5153

Zach & Zoë Honey Sweet Bee Farm | Stockton, NJ | Harvests and sells honey and superfoods | Instagram + Twitter | Email: [email protected]


Hattie Carthan Herban Farm | Brooklyn, NY | Aggregates local foods collected from local gardeners who agree to grow chemical free, high-density foods |Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: [email protected] | Tel. 212-561-7327

*Isabahlia Garden | Brooklyn, NY | Serves the community of Brownsville and surrounding neighborhoods by offering gardening programs and plots at a number of community gardens | Website + Instagram | Tel. 718-498-3174

La Familia Verde | Bronx, NY |  A coalition of community gardens in the Crotona, East Tremont and West Farms neighborhoods that sustain the environment and culture of our neighborhood through education, community service and horticulture | Website + Instagram 

Lomar Farms | Palisades, NY | Harvests honey from their apiary for bee-based body products; raises chickens for fresh eggs; grows a selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs that we plan on supplying co-ops and local restaurants | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter

*Oko Farms | Brooklyn, NY | Utilizes a hybrid of aquaculture and aquaponics to raise freshwater fish along with a variety of vegetables and fruits for educational classes and design programs | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter

Papa Rozier Farms | Brooklyn, NY | Offers seed to oil moringa oil that is grown in Haiti then processed in BK | Website + Instagram + Facebook

Phoenix Community Garden | Brooklyn (Ocean Hill-Brownsville), NY | Grows nearly 2,000 pounds of beans, corn, collards, bitter melon, tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and callaloo to feed the neighborhood; provides fresh food, green space, and community  | Website 

Rise and Root Farm | Chester, NY | Grows vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers | Website + Facebook + Instagram  

JustCompost | New York, NY | Provides compost | Website + Instagram

Rocky Acres Community Farm | Tompkins County, NY | Focuses on education and the sustainable production of local meat, eggs and vegetables | Website 

Shinnecock Hemp | Long Island, NY | grow organic hemp | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Email: [email protected]

Soulfire Farm | Albany, NY | Food justice community farm offering vegetables, peas and crops with a focus on African heritage crops | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Twitter | Tel. 518-880-9372

*Tehuti Ma’at Community Farm & Garden | Brooklyn, NY | Provides educational and empowerment workshops and classes  | Website + Instagram | Email: [email protected]  | Tel. (646) 883-MAAT

Triple J Farm | Windson, NY | Raises chickens to provide fresh, free range eggs | Instagram

Weatherfield Farm | Finger Lakes, NY | Organic farm that grows and sells vegetables and fruits; provides high tech science and agricultural research; provides meteorological forecasting services | Facebook 

*Wildseed Community Farm | Millerton, NY | Organic farm and healing sanctuary | Wcfebsite | Email: [email protected]


Black urban gardeners and farmers of Pittsburg Co-op | Pittsburgh, PA | Unites Black urban agriculturalist in the Pittsburgh area | Facebook | Email: blackf[email protected]

Earthly, Holistic & Organic Garden + *Thirdday Soaps Garden Wellness| Duquesne, PA | Sells herbal drinking teas sourced from the garden; Harvests 66% of products to formulate skin care and wellness products | Website + Instagram | Email: [email protected] | Tel. 412.290.0611

Farmer Jawn CSA | Philadelphia, PA | Curates weekly and bi-weekly shares of local fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, tea and body products | Online Order Form + Instagram 

Homestead Ransom | Philadelphia, PA | Raises goats and sells goat milk soap; Grows herbs to sell a homemade, organic teas | Website + Instagram

Life Do Grow Farm from Philly Urban Creators | Philadelphia, PA | An urban farms that educates and cultivates a variety of seasonal and culturally relevant crops including collards, kale, tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, peppers, okra, garlic, melons, squash, corn, pumpkins, berries, and a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs | Website + Instagram 

LifeLeaf Organic Farms | Philadelphia, PA | Grows organic botanicals to sell for Viva Leaf Tea | Website + Facebook + Instagram | Email: [email protected]

Mill Creek Urban Farm | West Philadelphia, PA | An educational farm selling a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. | Website 

Mwanakuche Community Garden | Pittsburgh (Perry South neighborhood), PA | Grows and shares ethnic vegetables and fruits with the Greater Somali community | Facebook | Email: [email protected]

MycoSymbitics | New Cumberland, PA | Searches the wild lands in the North East, and Mid-Atlantic U.S. for edible and medicinal mushrooms; sells them as culture collections | Website + Instagram + Facebook | Tel. 717-557-3774

Ray-Gien Farm | Kutztown (Berks County), PA | Equine or horse boarding | Facebook

The Sankofa Community Farm and Food Resource Center at Bartram’s Garden | Philadelphia, PA | Website + Facebook + Instagram + Pinterest + Twitter + Youtube |  Tel. 215-729-5281

True Love Seeds | Philadelphia, PA | Partners with local farms to curate and sell organic seeds | Website | Email: [email protected]

Tustin Street Community Garden | Pittsburg, PA | Provides local residents an opportunity to improve their health (while saving money) by growing a variety of their own vegetables | Website

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