Ark Republic

Shots fired. Trump rally ends abruptly in what the FBI are calling an attempted assassination

Donald Trump’s ear gets nicked, two deaths reported a campaign rally in Pennsylvania.

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Response to El Paso County Sheriff’s Office press release on Ark Republic’s reporting on Colorado Black ranchers

Ark Republic’s journalistic integrity questioned following series highlighting racial injustice accusations from Colorado ranchers.

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Starbucks workers gain momentum in unionization efforts despite NLRB underfunding, shortened staff

Anti-union tactics by Starbucks’ corporate escalate. While Democratic legislators double down on workers’ support, the NLRB’s budget issues cannot keep up with complaints against the coffee bean conglomerate.

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Juneteenth for sale


From vodka to Big Poppa Juneteenth shirts, the commodification of the Juneteenth holiday has sparked outrage and raised concerns over ownership and debasing a holiday celebrated for over 150 years.

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Ark Republic participates in API Thought Leader Summit

Ark Republic participated in the American Press Institute’s invite-only Thought Leader Summit last week in Arlington, Va.

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