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Career and retirement explores the multiple journeys of how we experience and develop in our occupations, employment roles or professions; and what do we do after we leave the workforce to begin a new stage of life.

What can white co-workers do for me in a virtual workplace? | Think Piece

What can my white co-workers do for Black colleagues in the virtual workplace? Hold space. That is one option.

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It’s Monday. Get your home office organized


70 percent of people who work around the world, spend at least one day working from home. What’s your home office situation?

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Pyrrhic victory for Rutgers University adjuncts splits union


In June, Rutgers University adjunct union representatives announced that its body of part-time lecturers (PTLs) approved the 2018-2022 contract offered by administration for a scalable pay increase.

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‘Suck it Up’: Black women culinary professionals and the culture of silence


Taught to be stalwart in dealing with stress and wellness, Black women are the least likely to speak up about what’s ailing them in culinary environments.

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Career ‘Signing Day’ for high school students shows vocational jobs have a strong future in U.S. economy

Henrico County Public Schools decided to recognize high school students who decided to enter into a trade employment after graduation.

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For Hawwa Muhammad, good works organizations are the lifeblood of communities: She makes sure that they thrive

For many non-profits, completing projects or navigating solutions with a sustainable model are the heart of growth. This is where the non-profit whisperer, Hawwa Muhammaed comes in.

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Black, Latino unemployment down because folk ain’t working

Unemployment numbers are down for blacks and Latinos since 1972, but so is job creation.

While the current Administration takes credit for low unemployment, the reality is that many stopped looking for jobs and joined long-term joblessness.

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Phoenix rising: The story of Tyleshay Jones

Shedding her old self to be anew
The phoenix rises from the ashes
Leaving behind layers of thick, weary skin
Dawning feathers of light, she floats into the sun
Firebird tails, laughter floating from a golden beak
Claws clipped like blinged-out wingtips
Turning heads, yet keeping focus
She’s got stories to tell and people to heal — K. Shivers

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Retail therapy: how a seasonal holiday job humbled me

Two years ago around this time, my feet hurt like hell.

In 2015, I took a seasonal job at Bloomingdale’s to supplement my paltry adjunct professor and part-time researcher income. I was on the job market, but had yet to land a job that I wanted.

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US Customs officers on trial for ‘rape table’

“Rape table” at Terminal C in Newark Airport is a major crime scene in a federal court case involving three U.S. customs officers, Tito Catota, 38, Parmenio Perez, 40, and Michael Papagni, 32, all of New Jersey, were arrested in September and are on trial for sexual assault involving a hazing ritual simulating sex upon other Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers.

Assaults described as entering a room where lights were turned off as others groped and help individuals down in a simulated sex act that happened to both male and female CBP officers. One woman recounts a gun being placed to her head. Complaints filed show assaults happened for years.

Now, if this happened to officers, what do they do to passengers?