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Harambee! 8 Cities to check out Kwanzaa celebrations

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Started in 1966 by women members of the US Organization to teach children, Kwanzaa has spread into a winter holiday throughout the US African diaspora.

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Kwanzaa: A tradition in empowerment serves as alternative holiday

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Photo by Wanyoike Mbugua

For African Americans, or people of African descent who have been living in the United States since enslavement, the celebration of Kwanzaa starts on December 26 and ends New Year’s Day.

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For some Christmas celebrants, the holiday season continues with Boxing Day

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Caribbean islands once under British colonial authority have re-mixed an English tradition to became a cultural mainstay, generations later.

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Boucherie fêtes for Santa in a Southeastern town

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Christmas comes in many ways. In Louisiana, Santa is more likely given gumbo or beignets rather than a sugar cookie.

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Winter solstice amongst indigenous in the US

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A few miles outside of Collinsville, Illinois and north-west of St. Louis, sits mounds, but not just any patch of hills. These mounds are ancient.

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