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Rom Coms and the dangers of mistaking infatuation for love | The Man Project

You know that scene in “Say Anything,” when Lloyd Dobbler holds up his boombox and plays Peter Gabriel’s, “In Your Eyes?” outside of Diane Court’s bedroom window?

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Are we bad men for listening to bad men’s music? | The Man Project

“Jesus, why can’t these men just fucking behave?” That’s what my dear friend, Rebekah, said when she read the news about Ryan Adams’ sexual misconduct allegations in February. Then she promptly removed all of his music off of her Spotify account.

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Sometimes silence is golden: Playing R. Kelly in a post-Metoo movement | The Man Project

This think piece is in response to Charles Moss’ writing, “Are we bad men for listening to bad men’s music?” Rather than mute or cancel, I prefer to silence those in the industry who show a history of sexual abuse. Though many choose to continue rocking music, I think it is time we rethink our moral and musical playlists.

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Other Men Need Help: A Conversation with Mark Pagán | The Man Project

Mark Pagán is a former B-boy living in New York City. He’s also the creator and host of the podcast, Other Men Need Help. It’s a hilarious yet poignant look at manhood and the insecurities that come with it.

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How a rabbi taught me that being vulnerable means being human | The Man Project

Boys who grow up without dads are always looking for father-figures—role models to provide them with the stability and life lessons they crave from the absent males in their lives.

I was no different.

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