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Sometimes silence is golden: Playing R. Kelly in a post-Metoo movement | The Man Project

This think piece is in response to Charles Moss’ writing, “Are we bad men for listening to bad men’s music?” Rather than mute or cancel, I prefer to silence those in the industry who show a history of sexual abuse. Though many choose to continue rocking music, I think it is time we rethink our moral and musical playlists.

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Other Men Need Help: A Conversation with Mark Pagán | The Man Project

Mark Pagán is a former B-boy living in New York City. He’s also the creator and host of the podcast, Other Men Need Help. It’s a hilarious yet poignant look at manhood and the insecurities that come with it.

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How a rabbi taught me that being vulnerable means being human | The Man Project

Boys who grow up without dads are always looking for father-figures—role models to provide them with the stability and life lessons they crave from the absent males in their lives.

I was no different.

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Captain Marvel shifts your perspective on the face, race and gender of a hero | The Man Project


When a longtime comic book reader confronts his feelings of race and gender in comics, he sees how the industry and its superfans are not who he thought they were.

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