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Russians use a legal back door to US citizenship, a baby boom in Miami

This is the type of story that you cannot make up, or even exaggerate because it is so fantastical.

NBC news reports a tourism boom in Russia that arranges for expecting Russian mothers to nest in luxurious hotels until they give birth. Some of the top lodging advertised by Russian agencies is from the Donald Trump brand.

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Marijuana law in the age of the green rush


The rise of marijuana lawyers or the practice of cannabis law expands across the US, as the American green rush grows.

As states slowly begin to pass laws and decriminalize marijuana use; others fight cannabis law and related cases.

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Tax reform bill almost a law

In the early hours, Senate Republicans passed the controversial tax reform bill, and sent it over to the House for its final vote in an expected approval Wednesday morning.

The pending tax codes are the largest reform in over three decades. While most Americans disagree, the Republican majority in both Congressional branches pushed through legislation that many surmise will have severe long term negative effects.

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HUD Secretary thinks public housing residents should make their own repairs

At a forum hosted by conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute, HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, offered a resolve to public housing on never-ending waiting lists for repairs—fix your broken toilets instead of waiting on landlords.

During his keynote address, at an event called, Prospects for Black America, Carson, suggests that a “make your own repairs” approach gives more agency to government housing residents.

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