Courtship, wooing, going out, keeping company, escorting and more make up this section in exploring dating life.

Tis the holiday season, there’s still time to find love . . . self-love that is

You’ve spent the majority of the year scoring, but not winning in love. Now you have no one to take to your annual office Christmas party. Here are Ark Republic’s dos-and-don’ts of finding a wintertime snuggle partner.

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When it comes to dating, old is gold and offline dating is even better

It turns out that in-person dating was the flex all along, especially when you’re looking for someone who dates with intention.

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Outsource dating. The game has changed

Finding companionship in a fast-paced world is considered an onerous, timely matter. For some, a viable option is contracting a third party to restore balance in a demanding dating pool.

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The real struggle: Getting back into dating after relocating from a big city

Over the course of the pandemic, people from larger cities left in droves looking for more affordable places to live. Both Midwest and Southern states became inundated with women from places like New York, D.C., and Los Angeles who carried with them city sass, inner city states of mind, and a desire to date.

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Get up, get out and fall in love again. Seven awesome autumn stay-baecations you should take

We get it—from the beaches of Florida to the nightlife in Atlanta and the hypnotic seaside views of Tulum, these three getaways have earned quite the reputation. Believe it or not, there are other hidden gems in the United States that deserve the distinction of great places to discover during the fall season.

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