Cannabis: Legalize it + Criticize it + Advertise it

The title of the project, “Cannabis: Legalize it + Criticize it + Advertise it,” is inspired by Jamaican recording artist and Rastafarian, Peter Tosh who released, “Legalize it,” a single and album with the same name in 1976. The song advocated for the legalization of cannabis use on the Caribbean island.

During this time, the Jamaican government profiled the Rastafarian community for their cultural practices, one of which was the growing and smoking of marijuana. Tosh predicted that cannabis would be so commonplace in the future that it would be used like a cigarette.

Speed up four decades later, countries around the world have introduced and passed legislation allowing for the use of marijuana. As nations decriminalize the selling and consumption of cannabis, old histories and issues emerge. At the same time, new narratives come forward. In short, much is still very complicated. We unpack cannabis and tell the stories we will never hear.

Caribbean filmmakers spark conversation with docuseries exploring Cannabis use, prohibition in the region

On 420, a global holiday celebrated by cannabis consumers and supporters, Barbadian filmmakers, Hermina Elcock, Mikul Elcock and Jamal Weekes released the first of a three-part short docuseries titled, CannabisCulture on Facebook. Little did the filmmakers know that their project would incite much conversation around their modestly-populated island of 250,000 then island jump in the region.

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While New Yorkers smoke more weed than any other city in the world, there is a disturbing disconnect in the city when it comes to education, the benefits, and the different ways our bodies react to cannabis.

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Debuting Ark Republic’s first comic strip, Matthew Gamble’s “The World is a Gamble” covers the blurred awareness of cannabis, hemp, CBD and THC.

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