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“Whose block is it anyway?” narrates one of the most visible and contested shifts in the cityscape in the 21st century—gentrification. The series explores gentrification in over 15 cities and historic neighborhoods in the United States. Ark Republic enlisted over a dozen storytellers; from long-form journalism to short docs, podcasts, photo stories and even creative writing, contributors sculpt an extensive and innovative lens in over 25 pieces of work. Los Angeles ◊ Oakland ◊ Newark ◊ Wilmington, NC ◊ Spanish Harlem ◊ Brooklyn ◊ Inglewood ◊ Chicago ◊ Jacksonville ◊ Phoenix ◊ Seattle ◊ Mobile, AL ◊ East Village ◊ New Orleans ◊ San Francisco ◊ Atlanta ◊ Cleveland ◊ Phoenix

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