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D.K. Reed Report: Freedom in app? The rise of the entrepreneur in the digital economy

Jobs in the gig and tech industries have forced the global workforce to pivot and create methods to generate supplementary income. Welcome to the digital economy.

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Empty shelves, prices high as hell. Food costs soar amidst shortages and discriminatory practices

This week, one California navel orange at Philadelphia’s Whole Foods Market on Pennsylvania Avenue rang for $1.50. Who knew an orange would now compete with a bus ride? 

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Is Currency Money? | DKR

Did you know the current dollar bill is only worth 3 cents?

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Coronavirus crisis and its impact on currency | Duane’s Kurrency Report

The coronavirus pandemic that swept the world has already experienced devastating economic realities. 

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Digital currencies and coronavirus

With the infusion of dollar-printing then the pending passage of a $2 trillion stimulus package, the fate of paper money is on the road to a rapid end.

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