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Economic alliance plans to build an alternate global order, brick by BRICS

What does the addition of six new countries to the BRICS trading bloc mean to the U.S. economy?

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D.K. Reed Report: Here comes the U.S. Crypto, FedNow

A decade ago, cryptocurrency was a renegade, yet rogue threat to the U.S. monetary system. Now, the Feds are working to implement their own digital currency. My oh my, times have changed.

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D.K. Reed Report: Nobody wants the Benjamins anymore

Sanctions against Russia for its role in the Ukraine-Russia conflict became the perfect opportunity for two global powers to push forward a new world financial order excluding the Dead Presidents.

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Big banks take little banks. Silicon Valley Bank and what happened in the ‘run on the banks’

The closure of substantially profitable banks is the ongoing battle in the economic wars that continues to force smaller banking institutions to close. What we’ll have left are major, legacy banks offering little financial wiggle room.

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D.K. Reed Report: Generational wealth and Ye’s financial downfall

Hip hop was our billion-dollar economy that could have saved us, but we have no equity in it. This is a case study on economics and a musical genre that changed the world, but kept its creators poor.

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