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US-China trade deal sours as Beijing team prepares to travel to US for continued talks

Months of trade negotiations took a downturn after China sent back edits to a 150-page draft that changed the terms of an agreement with the US.

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Banking on green: Credit unions and community banks cultivate banking services for cannabis industry


The new year ushered in greener pastures, as marijuana laws decriminalized cannabis use in multiple states.

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US home prices climb, exceeds wage growth

The average prices of homes rose 6.2 percent from a year ago, seeking a robust increase in real estate. However, price gains potentially see more residents staying as renters than buyers

With booming job markets in metro areas, home price increases are the steepest, but wage growth lags behind.

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Bitcoin tumbles by 8 percent

Bitcoin tumbles after its cryptocurrency mania. It was trading at $16,626.42 at 10:25 a.m. in Hong Kong.

However, investors still see its long term benefits.

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Korean cryptocurrency exchange files for bankruptcy after second hacking

Youbit, a South Korean exchange company was hacked and lost 4,000 of its digital coins. This morning at 4:35 am, they announced a second hacking with allegations placing North Korea as the culprit.

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GOP tax reform bill stimulates U.S. stocks, most Americans express concern

U.S. stocks closed at a record high on Monday.

This was due to the growing confidence that the GOP will succeed in passing tax-cut legislation as early as this week.

With a 500-page overhaul on tax codes, the new proposed bill will lower the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% and serve as an immediate boost to earning.

While nearly half of Americans oppose the GOP tax bill, Republicans move forward to implement tax codes that gut current codes.

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Bitcoin ticks up again

Early Monday, the nascent and highly popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, almost reached the $20,000 mark before slipping back to around $19,000.

Cryptocurrency is an internet-based currencies and payment that does not require banks to process payments. Unlike other traditional currency, the central bank does not hold cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin bumps up again

This Sunday, Bitcoin futures went live for the first-time and shot up over $1,000 to now $17,000. The increasingly popular virtual currency made its debut on a major US exchange on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, a Chicago-based group.

The buyer-seller frenzy shut down the company’s website.

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Fragile economy force seniors to get creative

The growing costs of healthcare and living expenses force many elders and retirees to enter back into the economy; however, age and limited physical abilities narrow the ways in which they can make money.

Trends see seniors using the sharing economy of hosting to supplement retirement income. AirBnB, the popular private short-term renting, hospitality service reports an increase of hosts 50 years and older in Europe and America.

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A booty call by US Senate


Sometime between last call for alcohol and BET’s Uncut, the majority #Republican Senate voted in a tax bill that will overhaul current tax codes.

While the GOP says that the new tax codes would be economically beneficial, congressional analysis reveals that it would add $1 trillion dollars in debt. Democrats on tax committees complained that details of changes have been left out. With only providing a draft of the tax bill to lawmakers a few hours before casting ballots, Democrats are flummoxed.

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