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Nipsey Hussle life and legacy

The Nipsey Hussle Edition | MCP Introduction

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The untimely murder of Nipsey Hussle, birth name, Ermias Asghedom transformed me. From shock to anger to grief to sadness to purpose—all these mark the stages that end with this impromptu major collaborative project, The Nipsey Hussle Edition.

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Nipsey notes | Think Piece

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“This Brother was a Good Brother. He didn’t’ get into an excessive amount of trouble…”

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Even those who attempted to smear his legacy had not a single leg to stand on | Think Piece

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We hear about celebrities dying pretty often, and I always do the same thing. Call my cousin, say, “damn that’s too bad” then reflect on what their career meant or didn’t mean in my life, and move on. It takes all of three minutes.

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Mixtapes, murals and memorials: LA stopped to pay their respects to a king | Photo Story

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He was cool like Snoop
Had a hustle like Jay Z
And was a revolutionary like ‘Pac.

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