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Anything that is created entails sweat equity and genius. Here, we honor the stories, the storytellers and those who help us build them.  We braid multiple narratives of perspectives and voices that often are unheard or unrecognized, along with their angle and ideas.



The term, “republic,” carries the idea that the people hold the ultimate power. To be a member means that you are an essential part of Ark Republic and you are a part of a dope and brilliant collective. This is a subscription-based company that values members and will offer a number of perks.


We commit to creating a seamless experience and privilege the story, so we have a site liberated from the clogging of advertisements and the influence of products and ideas not tied to the Ark Republic mission of telling stories to build conversation.

Original, Dope Content

Tired of the daily, cable news cycle looping the same dozen news items? We are too. Our stories are cultivated from an organic and innovative perspective that are told from many ways such as writing, video, podcasting, photojournalism, animation and drawing.

Productive Engagement

The storytellers are arkitects who interact with Ark Republic members in a space that encourages healthy engagement. As stories evolve, the arkitects update members on their progress, all the while, dialoguing on the topic that is their speciality with hopes of building a community within the Ark.

Robust Storytelling

We have been reformulating the way topics are covered by by fusing the African tradition of storytelling with the black, urban practice of building on the block with productive engagement. Rather than journalists, a collective of thought-leaders, called arkitects, craft and design stories.

Accessible Infrastructure

We are aware that our members approach the use of technology from different levels of tech savvy and digital literacy. That is why it is critical to present a platform that is both accessible and sophisticated for sustainability and growth between the company and members.

Our Declaration of Independence

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