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    Dignity and Power director Guadeloupe Chavez remains steadfast in keeping the pop up wellness fair on the grounds of Twin Towers.
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Dignity and Power organization provides families of those incarcerated with mental health and healing outside Los Angeles jails | Photo Story

In the last days of May’s mental health month, Ark Republic highlights organizations and people who employ revolutionary approaches to mental health and awareness.

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A hunger not found on Instagram

in Politics & Social Justice by

I was hungry and playing on Instagram.

It was too late to forage food outside, so I looked at food photographs. No, it did not satisfy my hunger, instead it made me think.

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Complaints of voter suppression in Alabama’s senate race

in Politics & Social Justice by

Today, the recipe for voter suppression wafts the air at polling stations.

From purging voter rolls to police intimidation are reports coming in from Alabama.

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Casablanca dreaming in flavors of chicken pastilla

in Culinary Traditions & Food Ways by

Chicken Pastilla (or Bastilla) is warka pastry filled with savory slow cooked chicken, spices and nuts … but get this, it is dusted with powdered sugar and spices making it sweet, savory, buttery and crunchy.

That is Casablanca in a dish.

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Proponents of affordable healthcare push insurance enrollment, while POTUS continues to diminish it

in Health & Wellness by

Open enrollment for health insurance started Nov 1, and runs through Dec 15. As a reminder, make sure to renew or sign up for coverage by Friday, December 15.

But, if you rely on the current Administration to remind citizens, forget about it. Even the Obamas remind people to enroll into a health insurance program by its deadline.

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Battleground Alabama: formerly incarcerated voters cast ballots for the first time after rights restored

in Politics & Social Justice by
Photo credit: Keem Ibarra

African Americans who could not vote as late as last month file into polling stations to cast a vote in the contested Alabama U.S. Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

The silent game changer, once again, are African American voters who make up 27 percent of the population.

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You are full of it: Squat to eliminate

in Health & Wellness by

Research found that our body is design to squat over a toilet rather than sit on it.

As children, we instinctively crouched down when the time came to eliminate, which is why this position is still practiced by the majority of the world. From Korea to the Compton blocks, squatting is a natural resting position.

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Caribbean fisherfolk, Japan partner in fisheries project

in Business & Technology by
Photo credit: Geoffrey Smith

CARICOM, a group of Caribbean communities working to strengthen the economic impact of fifteen islands, recently facilitated meetings for a five-year pilot initiative, the Caribbean Fisheries Co-Management Project (CARIFO).

CARIFCO partners Japan with fisherfolk on several islands to source and manage fisheries responsibly. The project launched in 2013.



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Liberal ‘carpet baggers’ storm Alabama in last ditch effort for senate race

in Politics & Social Justice by

This past weekend, popular U.S. Senator Cory Booker stomped through Alabama to increase voter support for Democrat candidate Doug Jones.

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The tech takeover points to Africa

in Business & Technology by

Africa’s startup scene emerges, while (some in) Silicon Valley miss out.

According to Disrupt Africa, startups raised an estimated $129M in 2016. The numbers show growing African entrepreneurs using technology as a way to empower the continent, even when others still think that Africans live in huts.

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Southern California still fighting wildfires

in Crisis & Natural Disasters by

From as far south as Oceanside, and now engulfing parts of Santa Barbara, strong winds and dry conditions keep flames leaping large distances in Southern California wildfires.

Reports show hillsides cascading in intense flames along the highways of affluent on the west side of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Since most of the fire burns uncontrollably emergency teams resorted to evacuating neighborhoods.

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